The merger of Belarus and Russia: Lukashenka’s change of heart, “in the homestretch”

Слияние Беларуси и РФ: у Лукашенко резко передумали, "на финишной прямой"

The process of merging Belarus and the Russian Federation enters the homestretch

This information was confirmed by the head of the working group on integration of the Belarusian side Dmitry Krutoy, BelTA has learned.

According to the Minister of economy of Belarus, Minsk and Moscow agreed on the concept of further steps of integration.

Слияние Беларуси и РФ: у Лукашенко резко передумали, "на финишной прямой"

“For the President, of course, prepared a package of proposals for negotiations. Working group the options of programs that the heads of state exchanged in may, of course, worked. I think, in principle, the concept of further work on the date agreed upon,” said colleague Alexander Lukashenko.

Dmitry Krutoy also stressed that today there are several options to address specific issues that are expected to be discussed at the talks of heads of state Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg.

It is reported that they will participate in the plenary session of the VI Forum of regions of Belarus and Russia. At the meeting, in particular, will discuss questions of development of trade-economic cooperation and interaction between countries before the subsequent merger.

Слияние Беларуси и РФ: у Лукашенко резко передумали, "на финишной прямой"

Previously, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Zelensky agreed, which will probably make Putin nervous. In the Embassy of Belarus in Ukraine confirmed the future meeting between the two leaders. This was announced by the Ambassador Igor Sokol:

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“We have received a number of positive signals from the elected President of Ukraine. As you know, Vladimir Zelensky invited Alexander Lukashenko at the Forum of regions in Zhytomyr. Our President confirmed his participation. This will be the most important event in bilateral relations,” he said.

Recall, the rally in the capital was beaten by Putin’s propagandists, there was a video: “sitting at home”.

As reported Politeka, Putin went to the betrayal Lukashenko, seen it all: “war and technology on the threshold”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has sharply responded to invitation of Lukashenka, the stadium is cancelled:

“The mediator…”.