The media convicted the physician of the cancer Institute of beznosenko in large-scale fraud: “half a million in a week…”

СМИ уличили главврача Института рака Безносенко в крупных махинациях: "Полмиллиона за неделю..."

In the result of carrying out quickly-investigative actions militiamen established that the chief physician of the National cancer Institute Andrew beznosenko, who has held the office about four years, may be involved in the Commission of several crimes at once under five articles

This is stated in the publication on the newspaper’s website from-ua, the newspaper writes Аpostrophe.ia.

“Despite the fact that medical care in state or municipal health care institutions for free, last (doctors – ed.) assured cancer patients that the number of drugs purchased for the public funds is very limited. Therefore, in order to obtain free medication, the doctors demanded that citizens “reward”, including under the guise of charity. Thus, the amount for one course of chemotherapy ranged from 1.5 to 18 thousand UAH”, — is spoken in published on the website of national police of Ukraine reported.

According to the publication, one of those involved in such activities may be the chief of beznosenko, who allegedly organized the criminal scheme, which also involved was the Deputy chief physician on medical work Voskoboynikov, who allegedly covered the write-off of drugs by using fake stamps of the Institute, which were seized during a search in September of this year.

“The investigation established the fact that the oncologist outpatient Department Shepel A. V. with the consent of the chief physician of beznosenko A. P. suggested to the patients to purchase medicines for chemotherapy, appointed beznosenko A. P. or head of the outpatient Department Vysotsky A. G. Prices for drugs have ranged from 5 000 to 40 000 UAH for one session”, — informs the media.

In addition, according to reporters, after receiving funds for the chemotherapy, Chepil came to the head of the outpatient Department Vysotsky, where transmitted received from cancer patients money. “Vysotsky in turn, raised money, obtained from cancer patients for a week, brought them to the chief physician of beznosenko office, where he distributed these funds between the participants of the criminal scheme. The sum reached the enormous figures of 200 000 to 500 000 UAH for a week”, — writes the edition.

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Also the edition reports that the physician may be suspected in deliberately artificial overestimation of the needs for generation of drugs for the treatment of cancer, that “in the future, caused significant losses to the state budget as a result of the purchase of drugs in quantities that significantly exceed the need for Ukraine”.

“It is recorded that beznosenko under its cover tried to hide the fact that purchased MOH for the National Cancer Institute in excess of the drug “Methotrexate”. In fact, the annual requirement of NIR is 800 packages of the drug, and the correspondence between research and the Ministry of health we are talking about almost 36 000 units, with available balances from prior years. Chief medical beznosenko has applied to the Ministry of health 5 190 units of Methotrexate for 2019. This episode requires testing with experts from the Ministry of health”, set a consequence.

It should be noted that the fact of negligence on the part of beznosenko in a recent interview said the Director of the cancer Institute Elena Kolesnik, who added that “at the present time, the actions of the chief physician is the subject of pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings, a defendant in which he is, after all, according to their job description chief physician is responsible for submitting applications”

According to media reports, the “catch” of beznosenko in his criminal activities have helped a former soldier, a member of hostilities in the Donbass.

“In November 2018 in the Department of Oncology has treated his wife, and after surgery she needed chemotherapy. He checked in the registry on the website research, all the necessary medicines purchased for the budget funds were available. At the same time, it for drugs for chemotherapy the doctor demanded money. The soldier immediately reported it to law enforcement. On this fact the Goloseevsky Directorate of police of Kiev opened criminal proceedings”, — said in the media.