The mayor still confident Angers Industrial Park in St. George

bertin-jalbert-image-resistance-contre(Shawinigan) Faith Michel Angers, the largest industrial park in Saint-Georges area of ​​the template will not remain the laughing stock of his reign forever. The mayor of Shawinigan sure that when he leaves his seat, the vast space has already hosted companies.

In regular session on June 14, the council announced its first acquisition since October 1, 2013 in this file. The vast property Bertin Jalbert was obtained in the amount of $ 450,000. The case was tough: the controversial figure resisted with all his strength to the will of the City of Shawinigan who announced in the disaster area residents, April 23, 2012, the urgency to acquire their properties to leave all the room the Rima multinational. But a year later, the mayor confirmed that the Brazilian group renounced his letter of intent signed in March 2012 because of unfavorable market silica.

Since then, the industrial park of the record wide gauge is the pebble in the shoe of the mayor. This is a perfect target for those who denounce its grandiosity or unjustified expenditure that plague the city’s finances. He laughs best who laughs last, warns Mr. Angers.

“I am confident that when I leave this post at the town hall, there will be an economic activity in this park, guaranteed. We did not buy this for nothing. We had specifically purchased for Rima, with a firm contract. We got to have. But we will exploit this site. The advantages that allowed us to think that this was a good place, that were the case of Rima, are still there. ”

“We think about many things,” says the mayor. “We always want to keep the option of wide gauge, but when we put it in place, neither Rio Tinto nor Alcan Resolute Forest Products had closed their factory. We did not have site wide gauge at this time and in the context of Rima, it was important to have one. It ultimately did not work out, but there is a potential is assured. ”

Mr. Angers repeat the starting role could be changed, since the implementation of major industrial projects become more complex, as seen in Bécancour.

“There are all kinds of niches,” noted the mayor. “An industrial park in sustainable development and energy efficiency, for example, part of our diversification targets, could be an avenue. We work with developers on great opportunities. ”

Meanwhile, the former site of the smelter will also become very attractive. “What has the most potential? It’s what to watch. ”

Where to go?
Owned by Mr. Jalbert is the last inhabited was to be acquired by the City of Shawinigan for the realization of this industrial park with large gauge. An expropriation process was initiated before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec, but no hearing date had been set. The two sides eventually agreed OTC.

Mr. Jalbert attended the public meeting of June 14 For now, he does not know what to think of this outcome.

The septuagenarian comparing the sums obtained by some neighbors and he said that the city is a good deal for a lot of 349 000 square meters, the largest among those covered by the notice of reservation of 13 August 2012. In this role, the entire property is valued at 237 800 $.

“I’ll wait here in mid-July to see what will happen,” says he. “I do not run after anything. I do not know what to do. Do I cut the grass? What I do with my cordwood? It’s been two years that I neglect my place. I need to clean house. ”

His lawyer, Richard Laflamme (Stein Monast) ensures that a property has been identified for Mr. Jalbert, but the transaction is not yet complete, it can not reveal the location.

“The council resolution is one thing,” he says. “On the other side, you have my client sign a purchase in good standing. To do this, make sure to have the funds, which come from the resolution. ”

Besides, Mr. Laflamme pointed out that the record was finally released just because a property has actually been identified.

“There was nothing special in this folder, the other time it took to find a new home,” he says. “For Mr. Jalbert, his property had great value. For him, every tree has a story! We must then find a substitute that, for the individual, well replace the property that takes him. ”

With this acquisition, the City of Shawinigan has now got hold of 29 lots for a total of $ 4.9 million for the implementation of its industrial park with large gauge.

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