The mayor of the Dnieper attacked Dubinsky with threats: “If you…”

Мэр Днепра набросился на Дубинского с угрозами: «Если ты...»

The mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov, staged a “showdown” with the journalist in the social network

And Filatov did not hesitate in expressions, providing their threats choicest profanity.

A victim of a scandalous mayor was the journalist Alexander Dubinsky. It collapsed just a stream of obscenities. A screenshot of the “cultural conversation,” Boris Filatov and Dubinsky published by the journalist in his telegrams-channel

Мэр Днепра набросился на Дубинского с угрозами: «Если ты...»

“There are measures of the Dnieper decided me to pogrozit for posting in FB. I became nervous some,” – commented on screen journalist.

What Filatov has gone viral, unknown. But one swearing the social network says about him.

“F* * * yourself, you*Pease and Pease*I. I’ll wait. If you are on*OS, has a beard, it does not mean that he became a man and man,” he attacked Boris Filatov on Dubinsky. Whether he also boasted, whether he threatened that he has a good memory.

Dubinsky said the mayor: “Boris Albertovich, the memory will be useful in interrogations. Take care of her. And don’t be so touchy with the volume of budget implementation”.

It is worth noting that Internet users were shocked by the fact that the mayor of the city millionnika swearing in Facebook.

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“I thought Boris smarter and educate… turns out, no,” “And you how thin and vocabulary Pascual,” commented Dubinsky threats to Ukrainians.

As we wrote earlier, the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov not being honest with the people, which was entrusted to the city. The national Agency for prevention of corruption by results of checks revealed inconsistencies in it.

Мэр Днепра набросился на Дубинского с угрозами: «Если ты...»

It is noted that the mayor of the Dnieper in the declarations for 2016 and 2017 has not made information about the land, bike and boat. He also pointed out the house that belongs to his wife.

“Also noted inaccurate information about the source and size of own income and the income of his wife. The total amount of false information in the declarations for 2016 and 2017 is more than 485 thousand hryvnias and 519 thousand hryvnias respectively”, — said the press center of the Ministry.

We will remind, Zelensky, urgently appealed to Avakov after the scandal with the General in the river: “You will disappear”.

As reported Politeka, Filatov urgently appealed to Zelensky, the scandalous bet is off: “And let me…”

Also Politeka wrote that disclosed the truth about the repair of the New bridge in the river: it is a failure for Filatov