The mayor of Becancour is eager to smear his shovel

complexe-terres-rares-quest-projet(Becancour) The postponement of Gaz Métro and Quest projects in Becancour not worry unduly Jean-Guy Dubois, but the mayor begins to stamping impatiently to see projects turn into achievements.

The rare earth complex Quest, a proposed $ 800 million, was to be launched in 2019 in Bécancour. This ambitious project involving the creation of 400 jobs is delayed for a year. The state of the economy and the costs related to the realization of such a project are the source of this report, notes Mr. Dubois.

“The whole project seems fine, but it is a very big project that takes several years to implement. I’m not surprised. But I see that the file is still alive, “says the mayor.

A meeting between representatives from Quest and people from Becancour’s City Hall to take place next week. Details of this decision will be specified. “The company is very loyal to inform us of the follow-up. I have no major concern. The project is ongoing, “said Jean-Guy Dubois.

Gaz Metro’s case is linked to the will of Hydro-Quebec to revive the activities of the power plant TransCanada Energy. The corporation’s request for energy to meet the high demand for winter periods. She intends to use the services of the center for a period of 100 to 300 hours per year.

The project Hydro-Québec provides that Gaz Métro will supply gas TCE equipment to provide electricity. To achieve this, Gaz Métro must develop a storage site and LNG vaporization.

Hydro-Québec plans to use this energy as of December 2018. Gaz Métro went to tender to carry out its development towards Bécancour. But the subject costs exceeded the company’s estimates.

The parties have launched a round of negotiations that allow Hydro-Quebec to move ahead with the project, provided the delay of one year. The fixed price per kilowatt-year pass $ 51.55 to $ 55.

“There has been a collaborative effort with Gaz Metro to ensure that costs remain in the proportion of 25% increase fixed by the Régie. We are in the horizon 25% increase and we are still at a cost twice cheaper than if we were to build a new plant, or $ 106 (per kilowatt-year). There was a labor negotiations to ensure that profitability remains in the project and we arrive at a result that confirms it, “says Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Press Officer of Hydro-Quebec.

The corporation must wait three years before the commissioning of this partnership. However, Hydro-Quebec has a clause in its agreement with TEC which provides for its availability in peak period next winter.

This other file report helps to sharpen the patience of Jean-Guy Dubois. “The project is not jeopardized unless we are in a period of uncertainty with the global economy and we are in a stifling regulatory environment. It does not block the project, but it retards. I have a nice shovel (for the inauguration of sites), it is clean and I look forward to the mess. ”

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