The mayor first became man “not all”: “I found myself, once and for all”

Мэром города впервые стал человек «не как все»: «нашел себя раз и навсегда»

Simultaneously with the vote in the European Parliament on may 26 in one of the cities in the North of Italy passed and the elections of the mayor

The election results rocked the entire country. Indeed, the majority of citizens preferred the 40-year-old Gianmarco Negri, who four years ago was a woman.

According to Italian media, for the first time in the history of the country the mayor of the city of Tromello in the province of Lombardy was transgender. He successfully bypassed in the election of three competitors and gained almost 40% of the vote.

Мэром города впервые стал человек «не как все»: «нашел себя раз и навсегда»

The Gianmarco Negri in 2015, made a sex change operation. Previously, he was the woman’s name was Maria. “I found myself, once and for all,” said Negri after became a man.

Negri decided to try for the first time in politics. He is a criminal lawyer. Known as the party campaigns to protect the rights of sexual minorities.

It is reported that this is the first election of a transgender person in an administrative position in Italy.

Note that transgender is an umbrella term for persons whose expression or behavior does not match their sex at birth.

As previously reported, girl-transgender Sianga (known in the past as the singer Boris April) gave a Frank interview to one of the authors of the Studio “Quarter-95” Artem Gagarin.

Intimate conversation with the singer took place under the rubric BACKSTAGE that Gagarin is specifically for the 8th season of the TV show “the Voice crane” on the channel “1+1”. There Sianga competed for the title of greatest singer of the country under the guidance of an experienced coach Potap.

First of all, the girl was asked how she relates to pause in his work, which dragged on for 10 years.

“I was a very young child, I needed to grow up. I learned new skills and gained experience. Now I am person with higher economic education”, — says the singer.

Also, there were no questions on gender transformation Boris Tianju. In particular, Artem Gagarin was interested in the reaction of parents to change the gender of their child.

“They were in shock! But then he accepted me for who I am. And what do they do? Parents live in Crimea, I do not go there, we meet on neutral territory.”

The singer shared some details of his personal life – for example, said that often Dating. However, her heart remains free.

Мэром города впервые стал человек «не как все»: «нашел себя раз и навсегда»

Sianga admitted that very much wants to have children. And, despite the fact that at the moment, to motherhood she’s not ready, but definitely in the future plans to have a family and children.

“Kids plan to, but later. I now this responsibility is not ready, but the family would like! All the girls want!”, — said the girl.

Recall that the transgender of the “Top-model po-Ukrainsky” plastic surgery: the photo is not for the faint of heart.

As reported Politeka, transgender from “Top model in Ukrainian” has told about the sex change: “All deserted me”

Also Politeka wrote that transgender people have complete freedom, details the fateful decision.