The Mayan prophecy about the Apocalypse coming true: the harbingers of the end of the world

Пророчество Майя об апокалипсисе начинает сбываться: предвестники конца света

If you believe the prophecy of the great Mayan civilization, after several simultaneous volcanic eruptions, the Earth can die

This writes Know.

The worst thing is that it’s not just words, because the predictions of the rapid end of the world began to be.

The Maya believed that powerful force and a massive eruption of three volcanoes will trigger the death of the Supreme deity Kukulkan. They were responsible for the existence of the universe. And with it dies and all the inhabitants of planet Earth. Obviously sad scenario come true.

Пророчество Майя об апокалипсисе начинает сбываться: предвестники конца света

We are talking about the Yellowstone volcano, Kilauea — both are in the United States. In addition, the cluster of volcanoes under Antarctica, too, bear a terrible threat to all living things. In recent times in these three areas have experienced significant seismic activity. Near Yellowstone researchers have found faults that were not there before. With systematically Kilauea erupts. According to seismologists, the volcano in Antarctica could become active at any time.

Recently, research scientists at NASA proved that the eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO threatens the destruction of all humankind.

Experts believe that in the case of the simultaneous eruption of several large volcanoes on Earth may be a sort of “nuclear winter”. Dust and gas obscure the sun, which in turn will lead to a sharp cold. The effects of the eruption would be deadly for all living things — the destruction of crops and mass starvation.

Пророчество Майя об апокалипсисе начинает сбываться: предвестники конца света

It should be noted that according to one version, it is a result of eruptions killed the Neanderthals, Homo sapiens, unfortunately. The current level of technological development of humanity is unable to prevent such a scenario.

As you know, 7 years ago, the Earth was to collide with a mysterious planet called Nibiru.

Conspiracy theorists have linked it with the ancient Mayan calendar in which the calendar ended in 2012. As the evidence led the evidence of the ancient people of Nibiru, the mysterious planet turns around the Sun every 3600 years.

It was believed that open in 2010, comet Elenin is Nibiru. The outer body is rapidly approaching the Earth, but the prophecy came true. The comet approached our planet at a distance of 34.9 million kilometers. In the summer of 2011 the core was destroyed, so the collision did not happen.

Recall that the Mayan prophecy came true.

We also wrote that Newton’s prophecy about the end of the world shocked the whole world.

Even politeka reported that a biblical expert predicted end of the world, named the date.