The massacre shocked the country: “dismembered the corpses and hung directly on…” details

Массовая бойня потрясла страну: «расчленяли тела и вывешивали прямо на…», подробности

Mass carnage is terrorizing the country

Yesterday, Thursday 8 August, the police found in the public places of the country of the body 19. The tragedy occurred in Mexico, according to the latest investigators of the city Uruapan, people died in bloody clashes of drug cartels.

This horror in the country writes, “LB”:

“The police found in different places of the city Uruapan, the bodies of 19 people — nine of them were hanged on the bridge, seven thrown on the road, and three more elsewhere along the road”.

Массовая бойня потрясла страну: «расчленяли тела и вывешивали прямо на…», подробности

It is known that accompanied this horror of a symbolic banner which was hung on the bridge — on it were visible the initials of the cartel “Jalisco New generation” and there “were” threats to the opposing drug “Viagra”. Even experienced operatives numb from what he saw — all the victims were shot to death and stripped, the body of one of the dead — even dismembered.

“This case is another episode in a fierce war between the drug cartels. They are fighting with the government, and among themselves for influence and routes of delivery of drugs “, — said the state attorney General Adrian Lopez Solis.

Recall also the journalist Rogelio Barragan was found dead in the trunk of his car:

“The murder of a journalist in Mexico is already the seventh since the beginning of the year.”

Wednesday, July 31, became aware of the tragic death of Rogelio Barragan, who headed news portal al Instante Guerrero in the Mexican state of Guerrero:

“The murdered man was identified by his mother. Upon examination of the body revealed bruises on the face and cranial-a brain trauma”, — told local media operatives.

According to the organization “Journalists without borders” (RSF), Rogelio Barragan became the seventh journalist to have been killed in Mexico since the beginning of this year:

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“Last year in this country died a violent death ten media workers”, — said in the message.

Массовая бойня потрясла страну: «расчленяли тела и вывешивали прямо на…», подробности

Recall also that a riot in a Brazilian prison escalated into a bloodbath. In the network appeared shocking video from the local prison. Prisons are overcrowded, often there occur large-scale fighting, however, occurred on the eve of a deadly — just stunned.

So on the eve of convicted Brazilian prison raised a massive clash between them, as a result of clashes between two hostile gangs, dozens of prisoners were killed. Many people cut off heads that “winners” are then used as the ball for the game of football. In the video it is clear how ones beat a man’s head with their feet, mimicking the game in soccer:

“Members of the gang in one cell block invaded another part of the prison. Prisoners staged a riot and set fire to the prison. The clashes 57 people were killed, 16 of them were beheaded, ” — said in numerous reports by the international media.

Recall that the terrorists got too tough for hell on the battlefield: “large loss” details.

As reported Politeka in the country, the chaos began: snipers shooting indiscriminately, all in the fire.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce: soldiers of the APU are the new loss