The man who feeds the bears

trappeur-jocelyn-robert-vient-nourrir(Saint-Alexis-des-Monts) See bears a close in a controlled environment is one thing, but to see in their natural state only two meters away while they are fed by a human, is another . This unique experience is offered by Auberge du Lac-a-Eau Claire and well led by Jocelyn Robert experienced trapper.

A female of 12 years and two small 15 months who calmly approached the group of about a dozen people waiting patiently for their meal, this is a scene that is repeated every day for the trapper Jocelyn Robert, for 23 years now . On the menu, maple syrup, bread and cake delight of animals who are used to this kind of food. A total of ten bears come to visit occasionally camp to pick their feast on a 2500 hectare site well laid out to make room for all the animals.

An experience which wants educational and safe for all. “I am aware of the danger, because the bears are wild animals, but here they see people every day. I see in their behavior if they can be dangerous, but mostly they just want to bicker among themselves, “says Jocelyn Robert.

The supervisor believes that the show can be difficult to tame wild bears, but calm and patience are the key to success. “Always be calm with bears, do not make sudden movements and I advise people to talk to the bears to calm,” he explains. If mutual trust came over time, Jocelyn Robert believed to have never been afraid of the beasts because their confidence is totally from the first day. To convince the team of the Auberge du Lac-a-Eau Claire boarding the guided observation project with the black bear, experienced trapper admit I had to ease due to convince his experience with the beast and the security aspect of observation.

The activities offered by Auberge du Lac-a-Eau Claire is very popular with Quebecers, but also with tourists from all backgrounds who wish to see the iconic animals of Quebec. “Every week I get the Spaniards during visits and my mission is to show them the bears in their natural state, but by offering a close experience with animals while being safe,” the coordinator of the activity.

On lap beavers
Second destination, two beavers are waiting for you. While they are waiting for minutes despite the call of Jocelyn guide announcing our presence with the bustle of a stick in the water, the show is worth it. At each visit, Jocelyn Robert brings favorite drink beavers to feed them. Only the males come to meet the audience, a few meters, to bring the food to their families.

If it can be difficult to tame bear, trapper mentions that in case of beavers, it is a different story, since they are much more fearful and nervous with humans. “If they do not feel safe, they just do not come out of the water, so at first I had to insist with them to pick up their food,” he says.

Trapper father to son
Passionate about animals and always following the footsteps of his father as a trapper, Jocelyn Robert has accumulated jobs with animals over the years. “I started by chance feeding the bears in the forest pleasure, but at some point, I realized that the bears can be kind to us, so I decided to tame them,” observed the trapper .

Observation of forest bears: several choices for the Mauricie

The Mauricie region is full of places to observe the forest bears in the summer. In tourist season, Hotel Sacacomie in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Auberge du Lac-a-Eau-Claire also located in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts and Berges du Saint-Maurice in Saint -Jean-des-Piles are of that number.

Guided observation black bear is an activity for the whole family. The courses that vary from one-hour to three hours. Protected by a grid or wilderness with bears who eat few meters spectators, each location offers tours with some specific to each variant. For Hotel Sacacomie, hiking with bears is offered only to people who frequent the hotel. The cost of these activities is between $ 35 and $ 50 depending on location.

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