The man was punished for writing on the jacket: “Let them burn with a cotton s*dnicy”

Мужчину наказали за надпись на куртке: «Пусть горят ватные з*дницы»

The incident occurred with a man who, whether unwittingly or with intent put on my jacket, which had “seditious” inscription

Activists from Kharkov acted decisively, according to the Facebook page of the public organization “Svitanok”.

“So Saltovka meets the “quilted jackets”. If you see these characters do the same thing… they can burn cotton ass”, – said in the message. Also to the explanation in the video says that the video social network has been removed, so activists published it again.

Мужчину наказали за надпись на куртке: «Пусть горят ватные з*дницы»

When the incident occurred was not reported.

The video shows that the activists on the jacket, which is worn by a man cut with a knife inscription Russia. The owner of the jacket does not protest, standing silently and obediently.

As previously reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin got embarrassed in front of the cameras

This time Vladimir Putin has embarrassed himself on the ice.

As reported, the President of the Russian Federation participated in another gala match Night hockey League, and his team beat rivals with a score of 14:7.

He managed to score 8 goals, but the entire hockey game looked pathetic, because the opponents are on the ice was clearly succumbed to the Putin’s team.

But the most curious moment happened after the gala match Night hockey League. Vladimir Putin decided to welcome the rostrum circle of honor and not noticed lying on the carpet. As a result, the Russian President in front of hundreds of cameras tripped and fell face down.

Users with humor reacted to the embarrassment and noted that Vladimir Putin disgraced before the public because of karma, which began to avenge him.

“We can see forever”, “Karma start fire”, “why no stick, not finished”, “Not saved”, — they are joking in the comments.

Мужчину наказали за надпись на куртке: «Пусть горят ватные з*дницы»

We also wrote that Vladimir Putin disgraced during the so-called “victory Parade”, which took place in Moscow on the occasion of may 9. About this in his personal microblogging said the propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“Reception in honor of Victory Day, the Kremlin, today,” reads the caption to the picture of Vladimir Putin kissing an older woman veteran.

Users with humor reacted to the publication and asked a question in the comments, why the Russian President change his traditions and does not kiss the stomach of guests in the Kremlin.

Мужчину наказали за надпись на куртке: «Пусть горят ватные з*дницы»

“This is his wife”, “why not the stomach?”, “Selected pensions and climbs to kiss you look at it…”, “Pynya — a real lady’s man, making progress. With little boys for grandma decided to pass,” they are joking in the comments under the post of a propagandist.

We will remind, Putin went on a new crime, this is not to hide details and footage of the incident.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the whole of Europe.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s message had an emergency.