The man wanted to make a nice offer favorite, but it ended the rescue operation

A romantic proposal of marriage made on the mountain with beautiful views, ended in the rescue operation.

Американець хотів зробити красиву пропозицію коханій, однак все завершилося рятувальною операцією

This romantic offer of marriage made on the mountain with a beautiful view, was to end on a high note. But things turned out the rescue operation, informs Rus.Media.

27-year-old Joshua Mason and a 28-year-old Katie Davis came in from Texas to Colorado to hike to the peak of Jasper, outside of boulder. The pair walked about 8 miles (almost 13 km) until you got to the top at a height of 13 thousand feet (about 4 km). Here Mason and planned to make his beloved offer.

“Mason was hoping to find an isolated beautiful spot “away from people” to ask Davis to marry him, wrote the representatives of the Sheriff’s office in a press release. They found just such a place, and Davis gladly accepted the unexpected proposal”.

But shortly after Mason proposed, kneeling on one knee, it was dark. The pair failed to find the way to his car. While they did not have a equipment and supplies of water to remain on the mountain for the night.

Fortunately, the man-the traveler found them and led to Diamond lake on a camping site near where he camped with friends. But in the night of Mason and Davis appeared the symptoms of altitude sickness and dehydration potentially life-threatening. One of the tourists got in his car and drove to a neighboring town where there was mobile connection. There, he called 911 – it happened at two in the morning. Two hours later arrived at the scene the paramedics.

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“Mason and Davis was required to step down immediately below. Until that time, they recovered enough to descend the trail with the help of the staff of Rocky Mountain Rescue Group”.

They reached the safe altitude at 6:30 in the morning.

“Mason acknowledged that he did not plan enough time to complete the hike before dark, and they didn’t bring enough water and food,” – said representatives of the Sheriff’s office.

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