The man settled at home 300 cats: that’s what happened to him and his house

Мужчина поселил у себя 300 котов: вот что случилось с ним и его домом

Service for the protection of animals found 300 cats in the apartment of a resident of Toronto

This became known from the message of the organization, Toronto Cat Rescue, which was made on the official account on the social network Facebook. Reportedly found more than 300 cats. 70 of them volunteers managed to collect and distribute in a special animal shelter. As you know, at the moment the kittens and cats feel fine in those houses, where they were placed.

The man held all of these cats at home for some strange reason. The cats were found after neighbors complained of the unpleasant smell.

It is reported that for the volunteers it is not the first situation they faced in the course of this month. In organizations write that for cats this way of life is very inconvenient, because they need space. Moreover, all the found cats were not sterilized, and therefore very actively bred. Just a few weeks you need to the situation is out of control.

Мужчина поселил у себя 300 котов: вот что случилось с ним и его домом

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine was the second country in the world by number of cats per person. Such data was published by the website who conducted the study. A world leader in the number of domestic cats were the United States. In addition, the top ten with the largest number of cats also were China (53 million), Russia (EUR 12.75 million), Brazil (12.5 million), France (9.5 million), Italy (9.5 million), UK (7,75 million), Germany (7,75 million) and Japan (7.25 million). Despite the fact that Ukraine took the second place on number of cats per capita in the ranking by the total number of furry friends, we took ninth place, with 7.7 million cats. In our country this figure is 17 animals per 100 people.

Мужчина поселил у себя 300 котов: вот что случилось с ним и его домом

“Despite the fact that many cats are in homes, the country is also a huge population of stray animals. The attitude towards them is often the object of criticism of international organizations for the protection of animals. In addition, there are flaws in the legislation that allowed the situation when many dogs and cats just thrown on the street,” – commented the result of Ukraine the authors of the study.

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