The man grew a giant tumor in his mouth: “fatal deformity dashed all life”

Мужчина отрастил гигантскую опухоль во рту: "фатальное уродство перечеркнуло всю жизнь"

Man has long cannot even jaw to move, it was very hard, and money not enough

The Philippine Builder by the name of Leonardo Maurice 30 years. The young man, however, over the last seven years of his life caused him so much suffering that will last for a human lifetime. The tumor in his mouth started to rise seven years ago, and during the rapid growth reached the size comparable to the man’s head. Leonardo believes that the reason the injury, which he received in 23 years of playing basketball.

Since that fateful day, the jaw of Leonardo Maurice was sick all the time and swollen.

Мужчина отрастил гигантскую опухоль во рту: "фатальное уродство перечеркнуло всю жизнь"

When doctors examined the patient’s mouth, they have always turned out to be two news – good and bad. Good – that ameloblastoma (tumor of the Leonardo) is a benign neoplasm, and it is not life threatening men. The tumor was formed from the epithelium of the dental papilla. The bad is that it has a tendency to grow, and removing it costs a lot of money. Translated into Ukrainian hryvnia, Maurice needed about 185 000 hryvnia, but such money from the poor Builder no.

Now tumor size is about the same as the head of Maurice. A man can’t eat, he drinks only juices and liquid food.

The Builder does not earn a lot so he has no money for an operation to remove the tumor. Surgery will cost Pacquiao approximately 185 thousand.

Мужчина отрастил гигантскую опухоль во рту: "фатальное уродство перечеркнуло всю жизнь"

Also earlier it was reported that the woman went to the hospital after a seizure, doctors were shocked by the cause of the disease. In Seattle in terrible agony the woman died, the body which has got the so-called “amoeba-brain eater”. Doctors were powerless to help her, so as to identify the real enemy was problematic. Immediately suspected a tumor.

It all started with terrible headaches, painful and ravaging to the patient. They were followed by severe epileptic seizures, although this woman with epilepsy did not suffer. Gospitalizirovany unfortunate, the doctors performed the examination on the unit of computed tomography, and found a suspicious blackout.

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