The man fell into the crater of a volcano of boiling lava: “we wanted to consider”

Мужчина упал в кратер вулкана с кипящей лавой: «хотел рассмотреть»

A tourist climbed over the railing on a special lookout to get a better look at an active volcano

The incident happened in Hawaii at Kilauea volcano.

32-year-old American soldier decided more look at the boiling lava and took ill-advised decision – jumped the fence. Suddenly, he felt like he had from under his feet began to leave the ground and the soldier fell down, writes USA Today.

Мужчина упал в кратер вулкана с кипящей лавой: «хотел рассмотреть»

A careless tourist had flown down almost 20 meters and luckily fell onto a small ledge. It saved him.

Eyewitnesses called rescuers. So had to crank out a dangerous operation – they descended into the crater, put the soldier on a stretcher and lifted up.

The man was hospitalized. After a while he felt better. The doctors said that his condition is stable.

As we wrote earlier, near nuclear power plants began erupting volcano ASO, located on the Japanese island of Kyushu. It is the largest volcano in the country.

A special camera, which was installed to monitor the volcano recorded as from the crater started to go thick white smoke. The smoke column rose to a height of 200 meters and it was even visible from nearby communities.

Local authorities warned residents about the danger and advised to awake the volcano to stay away.

The Japanese government created a special headquarters, which monitors all information in the ASO. The danger lies in the fact that it is located near the nuclear power plant “Ikata” is 130 kilometers. Information on casualties and damage.

Мужчина упал в кратер вулкана с кипящей лавой: «хотел рассмотреть»

It is reported that the last time ASO woke up three years ago. Then from the crater of the volcano “shoots” flaming wreckage and threw smoke. On a scale of five he was awarded the third degree of danger.

ASO reaches 1592 m in height, he is one of the most active in Japan, however, it is also a popular place for Hiking.

We will remind, the oldest pyramid found in the crater of the volcano.

As reported Politeka, a powerful tsunami in Indonesia destroyed the city with people.

Also Politeka wrote that in a heavenly corner of the planet woke up the dangerous volcano.