The main thing of the night: “cancel” pensions, the scandalous failure of the APU in the Donbas and the invasion of Putin

Главное за ночь: "отмена" пенсий, скандальный провал ВСУ на Донбассе и ввод войск Путина

The incident with the passenger plane in the sky, the triumph and the failure of the APU in the Donbass, the insidious plan of Vladimir Putin, as well as regular problems of Ukrainian pensioners – to Your attention digest main event last night

APU fighters who were captured by the invaders around Novotroitsk, driving for verification of property. About it on his personal Facebook told blogger and veteran of Tau-OOS Andrew shore.

In particular, he noted that captured by Russian invaders were eight Ukrainian officers, who were in possession of the documents of the other fighters APU.

Attention, in particular, attracted by the report of the Ukrainian military. A veteran of Tau-OOS claims that soldiers captured, endangering a large number of people.

“In the KAMAZ were documents in the 53 brigade. Staff, weapons, names, statements about pinning weapons. It is a pity, that there are a lot of local Luhansk, which is native to remain under p*sney. Now they just fucked up. Plus lists of the “Aydar”, – stated in the documents published by the shore.

Главное за ночь: "отмена" пенсий, скандальный провал ВСУ на Донбассе и ввод войск Путина

According to the interception of conversations of militants, Ukrainian soldiers after he drove into the occupied territory, tried to negotiate the route, and the terrorists waited for the right moment to ambush our military.

The veteran ATO-EP Andrew shore said he wasn’t ready to vouch for the absolute reliability of materials posted on social networks.

The crew of the plane which made flight from the capital to the famous resort, was forced to sit down urgently due to an emergency on Board.

The aircraft of the airline Vueling flew from Paris to Ibiza, but an emergency landing at the airport of the Spanish city.

The crew put the aircraft in Barcelona because of reports that the airliner is mined and can explode, as reported by the Spanish transport company Aena.

Главное за ночь: "отмена" пенсий, скандальный провал ВСУ на Донбассе и ввод войск Путина

“Captain, following safety rules, decided to land in Barcelona. The crew and passengers in safety”, – has informed a press-service of Aena.

However, fortunately, the message is not confirmed.

“State security forces are denied the threat of an explosive device in VLG 2847, made an emergency landing at the airport of Terradellas Josep — El Prat,” — said in Twitter, the company Aena, which are all the airports in the country.

Power of OOS had a successful operation on the front line, destroyed the next invaders

About it on his personal Facebook said the volunteer Yury Mysyagin. According to him, fighters of VSU struck a stunning blow to the Russian occupation forces, which had killed 12 militants.

“A few days ago in the city of Stakhanov of the Luhansk region there was a rock fall from the sky. And it so happened that all the stones fell solely on military barracks. After the stones have reached the goal, there was a large fire. Burned 12 people,” — said Mysyagin.

Главное за ночь: "отмена" пенсий, скандальный провал ВСУ на Донбассе и ввод войск Путина

The volunteer also noted that at the moment there is no information about the wounded terrorists, but a lot of them. And eight eliminated invaders 23 may have buried at Maximovskaya city cemetery: a place allocated to them personally, “mayor” of the occupied by the Russians Stakhanov.

“All the victims of the fire of the 1st battalion of the regiment 6. The 6th regiment, which on that week, during its rotation, so a good shovel from the unknown “Third force” that has lost 21 of its tracked and wheeled vehicles,” — said the volunteer.

Mysyagin also noticed that it is still unknown who carried out the operation to eliminate the invaders on Donbass — the “Third Force”, or 54 brigade is their area of responsibility.

Vladimir Putin may again invade the territory of Ukraineto solve the problem with the occupied Crimea. Such forecast was voiced by the European scientist Andreas Umland.

According to him, the lack of adequate resources in occupied Crimea is for its residents a “time bomb” that could lead to a new invasion of the army of Putin to Ukraine.

The analyst explained that Vladimir Putin is the infrastructure challenge questionable supply Crimea with fresh water. So, after the occupation of the Peninsula, Kyiv has blocked the flow of fresh water from the lower reaches of the Dnieper on the so-called North-Crimean canal through the isthmus of Perekop.

Главное за ночь: "отмена" пенсий, скандальный провал ВСУ на Донбассе и ввод войск Путина

Shrinking since water reserves while the lack of own production of electricity in the Crimea are for the population a kind of a virtual time bomb with the potential negative economic and social consequences.

“Oddly enough, 2014 has done virtually nothing to solve this problem. So, for example, she built large plants for desalination of sea water and did not take measures for the development of regional energy infrastructure, in order to mitigate the growing problems with the provision of the Crimea in fresh water,” — explained his point of view Andreas Umland.

Ukrainians may face serious challenges when entering well-deserved retirement. This is stated in the material edition of the Browser.

It is reported that every year the requirements for retirement increase for 12 months, so in 2027 45% of Ukrainians will not be able to get paid.

Experts note that Ukrainians are more likely to not pay any contributions and work informally, therefore they risk being left without a pension. To date, about 30% of Ukrainians did not fulfill the conditions for the experience (this year it is 26 years). That is, 70% of Ukrainians at the age of 60 have 27 years of experience and above.

“In 2027, the experience will increase to 35 years. Every year the “norm” is increased by 12 months. And if the situation will not change dramatically, only 45% can get his pension in time,” experts say.

Главное за ночь: "отмена" пенсий, скандальный провал ВСУ на Донбассе и ввод войск Путина

“If you, for example, 31 years old, but officially you are only five, at retirement, you will be able at best to go in 63 years. In order to receive payment, in 10 years you need to have at least 35 years of service. Such innovations included the already adopted pension reform,” the article says.

The Ukrainians who have not enough experience to retirement, they can buy it. The first scheme is for those who are late, retirement age is on the nose, and experience a critical shortage. In this case, the government offers to pay for those years when the Ukrainian officially not working. Instead this period will be counted in seniority. It is noted that one month will cost Ukrainians in 1863 UAH (if buy now). And, for example, a year will have to pay about 22 thousand. Given that part of Ukrainians receive a pension of about 1, 5 thousand UAH, not all the benefits are so “generous” offer.

Recall that the terrorists got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants Putin caught a cruel punishment: fell into the trap