“The main target”: Putin is preparing a global impact on the Ukraine, all the details

"Главная мишень": Путин готовит глобальный удар по Украине, все детали

The head of Russia Vladimir Putin will lose if he goes full-scale war against Ukraine

The former head of the US state Department John Kerry in an interview said his opinion about the future actions of Russia. He suggests that Vladimir Putin may once again go to Ukraine, but it would be a great mistake.

“This will be a huge mistake, and Russia — to begin any military action against Ukraine. I can’t predict their actions, but I hope they will be smart enough not to provoke and not to create additional international incidents,” says Kerry.

"Главная мишень": Путин готовит глобальный удар по Украине, все детали

Also the head of the Department of state notes that there is a danger for some countries of the civilized world because of the attacks of the Kremlin. But the main target, I’m sure Kerry is Ukraine in the near future. Another specialist added that the seizure of Ukrainian military sailors of Vladimir Putin in the sea of Azov once again demonstrated to all that the Kremlin is prepared to violate the existing international norms.

“Therefore the international community must come out and explain what Russia’s behavior is unacceptable. And my hope, of course, that the situation defuse, sailors and vessels will be able to return home,” he concluded in communicating with journalists.

"Главная мишень": Путин готовит глобальный удар по Украине, все детали

Previously, we reported that close to Vladimir Putin will start to hang on poles. The head of Russia shows that the fall of the regime would be a bad result for the members of his entourage. This was reported to journalists by the financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich.

The Russian expert noted that the detention of an American investor in Russia is another link in the chain of crimes of Vladimir Putin’s power. Will continue to suffer and those who are in the entourage of the head of Russia, nobody will be able to survive the repression.

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