The main reasons why people do not look you in the eye when talking

It is the opinion helps us learn about the feelings and emotions of the interlocutor.

Основні причини того, чому людина не дивиться в очі при розмові

No wonder the eyes are called the mirror of the soul. It is the opinion helps us learn about the feelings and emotions of the interlocutor, even if outwardly he did not show. However, there are cases when a person does not look you in the eye. How is it interpreted? In our article we will explain the main reasons for this, informs Rus.Media.

Why do people not look you in the eye when talking

Eyes are the link between the human soul and the surrounding outer world, so they can not lie. One of the most popular versions as to why the man looks into the eyes, it is believed that the person is simply lying or hiding the truth.

However, psychologists proved the fact that it is in any case true. You can highlight several possible reasons for people not looking you in the eyes and looks away.


This has received scientific confirmation. Shy people tend to hide their feelings, and the eye can easily make them explicit. Glance is able to convey the interest, love and much more, and not always the person wants, that his feelings were clear at this moment. So people can’t look you in the eyes.

An excessive amount of information

Need only glimpse that people got so much information about another, how much could I get for a few hours of intercourse. Because of the congestion this information is necessary to look to the side.

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Most often constant communication “eye to eye” makes you nervous and causes irritation. It begins to seem that the other person is trying to unravel all your being, and nobody likes it. Therefore, the person does not look you in the eye.

The feeling of insecurity

If during the conversation the human nervous twitching, pulls his hair, nose, ears, a clear sign of true emotion. Such a person does not look you in the eye because of the uncertainty as to their actions and what look will be appropriate in this situation.

Hard look

Heavy, piercing gaze of the interlocutor is a feeling of discomfort, look into the eyes of such a person unpleasant.

The lack of interest to the interlocutor

To recognize the lack of interest is not only reserved look, but a yawn, a regular glance at your watch, interrupt the conversation, under various pretexts, and more. In this case, it is better to try to quickly end the conversation.

The communication has always been positive and productive, learn as little as possible to look away from the eyes. Because of this, you will be easier and in a friendly, and working relationships.

Why are people talking looks into the eyes of

According to some observations it was discovered that most people in conversation do not look each other in the eye. Eye contact largely used lovers, and the usual interlocutors, as a rule, do not look in the eye.

The project revealed the fact that leaders who have an effective management style when dealing with his subordinates look them straight in the eye.

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We all know that you need to look in the eyes when talking, but few of us are able to comfortably accomplish this. Sometimes people won’t look you in the eye. We try to look into the eyes of his interlocutor, even if we are not very comfortable, but in these moments we feel uncomfortable, as not accustomed to this from childhood.

In some countries (especially Muslim countries) women do not look at the eyes when communicating with men and with older people, as it is disrespectful.

Some believe that when communicating you need to look in the nose of the interlocutor, but such attention may lead your opponent to the neuroses. But direct and insistent opinion, sometimes causes uncertainty.

How to look people in the eye

Try to look at his companion with a softer look, try to cover the eyes of a large area, then you will be able to see a person with peripheral vision for a very long time. Important not to lose eye contact, not be nervous, and when talking, try to act calm.

Looking the man straight in the eyes, pay attention to your facial expression, you have to look at him gently and kindly. As a rule, the gaze can be seen in the eyes of some stiffness caused by the effort not to look away. If you want to avoid this, imagine that you try to support your partner’s shoulder, then your look will definitely gain some warmth.

Sometimes a person doesn’t look you in the eye during a conversation. After all, to quietly look in the eyes can not all, as most of us has no confidence in himself and in what he was saying. And this is very important because eye contact is mostly the cause of nervousness is lack of confidence.

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The main thing to understand that looking the interlocutor in the eye, you build contact with him. In this case, you must be open and your main goal is to win the conversation.

Try to be attentive to the facial expression of your interlocutor, you can “mirror” it, that is, to take the same pose, or demonstrate emotions using the same facial expressions.

The main thing do not confuse the ability to look into the eyes of the bad habit of looking at people as second often causes resentment on the part of your interlocutor.

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