The main qualities of a real woman

Основные качества настоящей женщины

1. She can take care of himself.

Such a woman attracts attention and commands respect. She can take responsibility for their actions and does not translate the arrows on the other. A woman reliable, hardworking and confident.

2. She feels comfortable in her body.

She knows her worth and confident. Although it can also be complexes, it can look in the mirror with pride. A woman smart enough to understand that it’s only important what she thinks about your appearance.

3. She has a strong sense of independence.

In other words, you do not NEED it — and that’s good. An independent woman does not rely on someone to meet their personal needs. She falls to you to provide for her — financially or emotionally. A woman enters into a relationship on equal terms — she wants to be a support to you when you need them.

4. It is not self-centered.

Standing woman gives more than takes, she puts others before himself. In relationships a woman disinterested. She wants love, honesty and respect for you.

5. She’s not interested in drama.

The woman standing is not satisfied with the drama, she’s Mature enough. She’s not playing childish games, not make mountains out of molehills, not trying to make you jealous.

6. She inspires you to be better.

Standing woman knows what you’re capable of and motivate you to achieve this. She wants you to fulfil your potential, because she loves and respects you and your abilities.

7. It seeks to resolve the conflict.

A Mature and intelligent woman understands the inevitability of conflict. But when they come, unlike the others, it keeps the mind and wants to find a solution rather than just quarreling.

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8. She has an opinion, but it is open to other opinions.

She is not afraid to speak their mind and defend their beliefs. And just tolerated it relates to the opinions of others. She is ready to listen, even willing to reevaluate my opinion.

9. It’s real in bed.

She does not hesitate to say that ready to take the next step, as does not hesitate to talk about what she likes or doesn’t like in bed. She’s Mature enough to discuss it.

10. She makes a good impression.

She’s confident, smart, open, honest and loyal. So it makes a good impression on people you’ll never feel ashamed to show it, you won’t be scared that she will say or do something.

11. You feel how lucky you are to meet her.

And who would not be felt as having met such a woman? You should be proud of because a woman wouldn’t date anyone. If she wants to share a life with you, you’ve hit the jackpot!

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