The main products for the cold season.

The main products for the cold season.

Головні продукти для холодної пори року.

Every day the temperature outside falls lower, we get jackets, scarves, boots, informs UkrMedia.

How to eat during the cold period of the year?

In China, all products have different effects on the human body and depending on that are divided into cold, warm and hot. Food that cools down, takes away energy and slows down the metabolism, which warms and stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolic processes. What foods should be eaten in the cold season, so the body produces more energy?


Головні продукти для холодної пори року.

Remember, bottled up inside the heat on the plates of hot soup or borsch? And no wonder, because the soup has a warming properties, so the cold season is very wrong to abandon the first course. First, the multicomponent soups, and it means very nutritious, because part of them included meat, cereals, a variety of vegetables. Secondly, eat hot soup quickly warms and nourishes the body.

If you don’t know how to keep warm, you have constantly cold hands and feet, so as not to put an extra layer of g

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