The main causes of migraines: “it is necessary to abandon…”

Названы главные причины мигрени: "необходимо отказаться от..."

The reasons that trigger the emergence and development of migraine, can be a huge amount, but in some cases a severe headache in a person occurs due to his own bad habits

This was stated by Dr. Victoria Savitskaya, as reported by ГолосUA.

The doctor shared that provoke a migraine in the first place can such a bad habit, like Smoking. It is known that it causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels, which ultimately increases the pain.

Названы главные причины мигрени: "необходимо отказаться от..."

Also the doctor said that migraine occurs most often in people who eat properly. To exclude this factor, it is necessary to abandon the use of canned, smoked, fatty foods, convenience foods and fast food. In addition, Dr. Savitskaya said that in any case it is impossible to “treat” severe headaches alcohol. The fact that alcohol weakens the sense of pain, in this case, is a myth.

“Do not attempt “treatment” of alcohol. It dilates blood vessels and initially. First, it may seem that you will feel better, but then the situation will only grow worse. During sudden changes in the weather better up coffee and coffee drinks. Especially if you are prone to increase in pressure or atherosclerosis,” warns the doctor.

How to escape hypotensive? According to the doctor, they can drink a small Cup of coffee, but in any case, it is necessary to measure the pressure. The headaches sometimes cause meats, spices, citrus, nuts, chocolate and cheese.

Also earlier it was reported that scientists found the real cause of headaches in men.

Dutch scientists from Leiden University Medical Centre found that in men suffering from migraine, elevated levels of female sex hormones of estrogen in the blood. The study involved 17 men at the age of 47 years suffering from migraines an average of three times a month. None of them took medications that affect hormonal levels. The results of their survey, the scientists compared the data of 22 healthy men who were not sick with migraine. All participants had a normal body mass index, age-appropriate.

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Названы главные причины мигрени: "необходимо отказаться от..."

During the day the scientists took the subjects blood every 3:00 and measured the levels of estradiol (estrogen) and testosterone. In patients with migraine, the blood took so long as they didn’t have a heart attack.

It turned out that migraine patients during the period when they have not had attacks had elevated levels of estrogen in the blood — 97 pmol / L. For comparison, in healthy men, the figure was 69 pmol / L. the Level of testosterone in the blood of members of both groups were the same, but the ratio of testosterone / estrogen been found in people with migraine compared with healthy men is reduced to 3.9 against a 5.0.

24 hours before the beginning of the attack the testosterone levels in men grew, they developed migraine premonitory (prodrome): fatigue, muscle rigidity (increase in their tone), acute hunger.

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