The magical protection of the natural and acquired

In the heap of information is easy to get confused, especially if we are talking about magical defense.

Види магічного захисту природні та набуті

There are a huge number of rites and rituals, which are intended to protect the person from any negative developments. But before to carry out a magical action, you need to understand what breakers are, and what they meant, informs Rus.Media.

First of all you need to realize that any magic defense is just a program, which carries certain functions. The complexity of the protection varies its power and number of functions.

The type of protection can be:

  • Natural
  • Religious
  • Generic
  • Created artificially

With natural defense is born every person, it does not need to undergo rites of initiation and to enter into any cult. Soul, bound to this world, she lays a certain algorithm of fate and the key points. The program of this protection is very simple and will only protect the person from premature death, loss of reason and deadly diseases. More it is designed.

Religious protectionin the form of a guardian angel and the like, as well can not much. This program depends entirely on the egregore to which it is attached and is guided by his morality. That is, people will not be protected from poverty, suffering, illness and other negative manifestations of life. The custodian will not add luck, it will only allow you to live to a certain age, avoiding sudden accidents.

Ancestral keepers belong to the oldest and strongest families. This is usually a family who have power in this world, for many generations. Keepers kind of protect those who they belong to by blood and some beliefs, are called “blood feuds”. These guards are quite strong, but are rare. They can not only be preserved from premature death but also affect the series of events of the person suggesting the best scenarios.

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Natural and patrimonial protection are natural and do not require additional efforts and rituals. With the power of ancestral protection can lead or not. Or do yourself religious is a personal matter, but we must understand that it will not bring much change, but the responsibility will increase.

The last kind of magic protection is artificial. It is the most diverse, both in force and number of tasks in the program. Such protection become practicing magicians and sorcerers or simple put the same practices to order. In this category a huge variety of options:

  • Total protection against magical effects posed by the practice.
  • Protection from poverty.
  • Protection from diseases.
  • Protection from bad luck and failures.
  • Protection is related to the family of professional activities or personal relationships with other people.
  • The shares of entity a defender from varying the force with which the associated practices.

Here it is worth mentioning that the essence of the defender, one is able to create independently, but this happens very rarely. But practicing magicians and sorcerers have resorted to this quite often. They create the essence of intelligent or semi-intelligent, qualities which present the desired program.

Artificial protection can be transmitted by the nature, regardless of the wishes of a particular person and without his knowledge. This happens if the family attended a practicing magicians. These programs are for ordinary people quite unpleasant and they are usually clean.

Protection, created artificially, always carries not only positive properties of a talisman, but imposes certain obligations. This does not apply to the set of the types of programs that are made for money, as the man pays the practitioner material resources, and this is the energy payoff. But you’ve created yourself-will always require recharge or appropriate action under the contract.

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