The Lumineers: minimalist conquest

cest-plus-grosse-foule-devant(Quebec) CRITICAL / If Sting and Peter Gabriel had used 12 players in a desired scenery and elaborate lighting Thursday to conquer the Plains of Abraham, Friday was just the opposite. The Lumineers seduced festival goers, who had moved in large numbers by simply minimalist repertoire.

In the beginning of the program, we found the Lumineers a little daredevil. By the second title, the group went out the simple Ophelia. Then in the fourth, another big gun with Ho Hey. A spectator who did not lack humor then launched “good, well the show is over!”

The young American trio, plus his two accomplices tour, obviously had great confidence in his repertoire. Because apart from three species of chandeliers hanging in the backstage, and a bass drum at the front sporting the name of training, he had nothing but his songs on which to build. Now he has come out at the right time and sustain attention with simple findings.

“It’s the biggest crowd before which we played. Thank you Québec, we feel good here, “said singer and guitarist Wesley Schultz. True, for a first visit to the city, the Lumineers were treated to a whole host …

Wishing to install proximity with the human tide that stretched before him, the leader, flanked by his accomplices went interpret a sequence of several parts, including a cover of Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues, in the middle of the festival. An idea that was much appreciated.

On one title to another, the band has varied instrumentations and combinations keeping his composure. Sometimes Schultz found himself completely alone, armed with his guitar, sometimes he worked in duet with co-founded, multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Fraites and then grow with all his colleagues, including cellist Neyla Pekarek.

Schultz regularly invited fans to sing with him and had no trouble convincing. Confetti Big Parade, only real fireworks of the evening was out, and we ended up all on the must Stubborn Love, who made ​​again sing the Plains.

With 75 minutes on the clock, the program became a little short compared to that of Thursday. However, if one considers that attention began to fall at the end of courses in the ballads, including the touching Long Way From Home, dedicated to the late father Schultz, it was probably best not to stretch the proposal and finish strong.

The strong wind on Thursday, had not allowed her to always travel well on the Plains of Abraham and some festival-goers had complained. Friday, we could verify that with a less strong wind, the sound was little or not affected.

City and Colour
One of the interesting things about this second night of the Summer Festival on the Plains of Abraham, is how the world of three artists on display had relatives. The American team of indie folk Lord Huron very well set the table in front of a growing audience, it has gradually succeeded to win.

Dallas Green, who followed, does not need presentation. With his project City and Colour, the former Alexisonfire shared a perfectly insured directory, a portion of the crowd knew very well. Titles like Sleeping Sickness or Lover Come Back were quick to react.

The Canadian was surrounded by four skilled musicians. Moreover, under his cap and green shirt with black tiles, the leader in voice, became talkative, letting his music speak. vintage guitars, pedal steel and keyboards with timeless sounds were added to the proposal, to the delight of the crowd.

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