The lodging tax will increase to 3.5% in Outaouais

automne-prochain-taxe-hebergement-passeraThe tax on lodging (TSH), which currently stands at three dollars per night in Outaouais, will increase to 3.5% of the amount paid for each night from November, a change that will enhance some $ 800,000 Regional budget of promotion.

As part of the harmonization process, the accommodation establishments of every territory of the province must decide on their willingness to move to 3.5% of the price of each night, or make a cross on imposition of TSH.

In the Outaouais, the transition to a fee of 3.5% of nights tariff was approved at 87% in a vote based on the number of units of each institution. All accommodation facilities in the region could vote, whether members or not of Outaouais Tourism.

The director of public affairs of Outaouais Tourism, Karl Lavoie, said the change to take effect on November 1st greatly increase the budget dedicated to marketing campaigns to attract visitors to the region and development of tourism supply .

“We also want an incentive fund for Congress,” said Mr. Lavoie.

Outaouais Tourism estimated at $ 800,000 additional income that will result in the region with the new TSH. A proportion of 15% of amounts drawn TSH will go to the new Alliance of Quebec’s tourism industry to carry out promotion province.

At present, the amount of TSH varies regionally. In some places, the fee is two or three dollars per night, while other areas require a TSH 3% or 3.5% of the price of each night in an accommodation establishment. Starting in November, the TSH will be either nonexistent or exceed 3,5% of the amount paid per night, and according to the will expressed during the votes held in each region.

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