The Lithuanian Parliament called on Hungary to support the Ukrainian law on education

In Lithuania believe ultimatums Hungary unacceptable.

The government of Hungary asked the deputies of the Seimas of Lithuania with an appeal to support the education act, which passed the Ukraine. Appropriate treatment was instigated by the former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius, in particular, it was signed by 37 representatives of the Seimas, including the head of the parliamentary Committee on European Affairs Gediminas Kirkilas and Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs Juozas Bernatonis, reports Delfi.

“We are unpleasantly surprised and even shocked by the categorical statements of the Hungarian government threatening to block Ukraine’s rapprochement with the EU or NATO, if Ukraine will not change at the request of Hungary, their new education act, which is due to the specificity of education of persons belonging to national minorities,” reads the statement.

It States that the attention of Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to the Ukrainian Law does not surprise, but surprise “proposed by the authorities of Hungary ultimatum to Ukraine threatening the country’s geopolitical consequences, threats to the fact that Hungary will block Ukraine’s efforts for integration in EU”.

The paper noted that such ultimatums Hungary is totally unacceptable, is not European, and the more incomprehensible when it comes from one of the States of Central Europe.

We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has stated that Hungary has confirmed its threats to block the rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO.

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