The Liquid product is ready for commercial use

The official release of sidechained bdon Liquid from the company Blockstream.

Продукт Liquid готовий для комерційного використання

After three years of development a sidechained Liquid ready for commercial use, and soon this solution will be launched by 23 companies-partners of the company Blockstream, informs Rus.Media.

A sidechained Liquid, the end of 2015, worked in the test version was launched in beta mode in may of last year. The technology is designed to service bdon exchanges, processing services and traders, reducing the time required to implement large volumes of transactions between different accounts.

Продукт Liquid готовий для комерційного використання

Despite the fact that the Liquid is essentially private bacchanal, he, unlike many closed systems in themselves, built on top of the blockchain bdon and helps reduce the time to move funds between exchanges to a few seconds.

Now, according to the Blockstream team, the product is ready for mass implementation. The first users of the new technology will be 23 cryptowall companies, including exchanges, brokers and other organizations, namely: Altonomy, Atlantic Financial, Bitbank, Bitfinex, Bitmax, BitMEX, Bitso, BTCBOX, BTSE, Buull Exchange, DGroup, Coinone, Crypto Garage, GOPAX, Korbit, L2B Global, OKCoin, The Rock Trading SIX Digital Exchange, Unocoin, Xapo, XBTO and Zaif.

According to CoinMarketCap, these companies account for 50 to 60 percent of the total bdon transactions.

“This will support the ecosystem bdon because you can trade more safely and quickly,” said operations Director Blockstream Samson MOU, stressing that the product Liquid is ready for commercial use.

In the coming weeks Blockstream will present bdon wallet, specially designed for Liquid transactions. In addition, the wallet GreenAddress already supports this technology. Also announced support for Liquid major manufacturers of hardware and Ledger wallets best wallet.

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“In the future, it will give you an opportunity to bdon carry out transactions worth billions of dollars,” added MOU.

Finally, representatives from Blockstream indicated that it will continue to work with the operators of exchanges and wallets for the further promotion and mass adoption of technology Liquid.

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