The lions bought in Berlin trams: doors do not open at stops

The lions purchased the party Berlin’s trams, which are not adapted to local stops, according to DW.

Львов купил в Берлине трамваи: двери не открываются на остановках

The city government has purchased 30 second-hand Tatra KT4 trams, which after a major overhaul, with a new electric filling should go on urban routes. According to officials, these trams cost about as one new tram production of the Ukrainian Corporation Electron, and the city, where each month is 600 breakdowns of trams, need to be updated at least 70 cars.

Problems arose in late July when the first trams from Berlin arrived to Lviv. It turned out that the doors are open outward, and on the new stops route platform located at the level of the first stage of the tram. Thus, the doors of German cars can simply not open.

Львов купил в Берлине трамваи: двери не открываются на остановках

Photo: Tollkühn/ullstein bild via Getty Images

In city hall say that everything is under control and no problems, about doors that open outwards knew before.

“We saw this situation in Berlin, and we have developed a solution: when they arrived, I spoke with a representative of the group Elektron, they agreed to help us to Refine. To cut and deliver at the bottom of the brush or rubber, which can bend. In other words, there is a solution”, says mayor Andrew Bily, who oversees the project.

He added that it was the best offer at that time, Berlin’s trams equipped with buttons for door release, air conditioning, driver and internal communications.

In turn, the head of the utility Lvovelektrotrans Oleg Birch admits that for him it was a surprise. Tram-trolleybus economy of Lviv, he led in December of last year, and the party of wagons from Berlin have agreed a few months before.

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“The decision was before my time, so I thought that there considered such things. These nuances to the door I learned just now,” he says. But at the same time he is not inclined to believe that his ignorance was the result of workers ‘ negligence. According to him, it is rather a lack of coordination between all parts of transportation management in the city.

The easiest solution to the problem is to “cut” elevated platform stops. A way out of the situation believe are appropriate and some community activists and elektrotransportnik.

Specialists Lvovelektrotrans suggest that the streetcar clipped the door will not work.

“If we break this door, there will be triggered the defense mechanism, the sensor will show that the door is not closed,” says Birch. Therefore, according to him, reducing the height of the stops is the best option, and it will probably have to make stops on the Central part of the city on those routes where it is planned to put the Berlin wagons.

Against this idea stands a scientist from Lviv Polytechnic Vitaly Mazur, who is engaged in the design of passenger-transport systems of the city. He was afraid that if I start to reduce the height of stops, back to the high platforms will not be back soon.

“The idea of raising the platform is to provide convenience for passengers, especially, “wheelchairs”, mothers with strollers, the elderly. In most countries of the world is made so that the platform coincides with the first step so that people could come in. And cutting of platforms is a step back. If possible, it is best to cut the doors of the trams,” says the scientist.

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The final decision of the Lviv city Council has not yet adopted, although the first German trams on routes in the city are planning to release in September.

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