The level of Lake Saint-Jean will complicate the opening of the fishing

on-constate-partie-ouest-nordThe level of Lake St. John, lower than usual for the time of year, will make the opening of sport fishing in the most hazardous landlocked salmon. Several made the usually frequented water will not be functional.

The Daily toured major municipalities frequented by fishermen for the first weekend of the opening in order to know the status of the situation. The level of Lake Saint-Jean has to reach 10.52 feet tomorrow. Generally, put in the water surrounding the lake Saint-Jean are functional with a level of 13 feet or more.

The busiest sector for the opening of the season is between Desbiens and Mashteuiatsh. The fishermen usually have access to seven put in the water in this area. Friday morning, between three and four water updates will be functional and will descend safely boats to the water.

The launch in Mashteuiatsh sector can hardly accommodate a large volume of fishermen since they automatically end up in the area reserved for the Community fishing net. The area is marked by beacons and are asked anglers to avoid entering the area in front of the community not to damage the material of the community.

The head of the marina in Roberval, Claude Bouchard, confirmed to the Daily, after a visual examination that the launching of the marina will accommodate fishermen. The municipality has also built a water ramp in English wharf area with a nearby parking.

“If the boat launch located at the marina is functional, the English quay will be too. We encourage fishermen to use the English dock, but we can not prevent them from their boat down to the main marina, “stressed Claude Bouchard.

In the area of ​​Chambord, the head of public works of the municipality, Yves Dupéré, indicates that it takes a level of 12 to 13 feet for safe use of the ramp into the water of the marina from the tip. Yesterday, there was still no water in the harbor. It would be surprising if the water rises quickly enough that fishermen can use tomorrow. He did not visually check for the launching of Val-Jalbert, but he believes it could also be problematic due to the topography of the seabed in the small bay between the road bridge iron and the first rapids.

The municipality has two Desbiens made the water just beneath the bridge on Highway 169. The director general of the municipality, Esther Dufour, requested a site inspection yesterday morning: “We can confirm that at least one setting water will be accessible without problems. The municipal employees were checking the possibility of a minor adjustment to make the second set to the functional water. ”

The last municipality is checked by The Daily Péribonka. Anglers wishing to travel in this area should check the status of the boat launch. Yesterday, a city official explained to The Daily that the navigation at a low level can be hazardous in the sector, but the level seemed high enough to allow the descent of boats. There is no confirmation in the late afternoon.

Fishermen must secondly forget the launching of the marina of St. Henri de Taillon is still unusable. All the entrance to the Grand Discharge area is covered with ice and this area is practically difficult to navigate with a low level because of the many rocks. The Saint-Gédéon sector is still covered with ice making water to put all of southern difficult to use or simply unusable.

The latest satellite allows to visualize the areas where it will be possible to fish tomorrow. It boils down to a very large crescent moon that leaves the mouth of the Péribonka River and went into the Roberval area with sparse areas in Chambord and Desbiens and a fairly large area to the cottage Saint- Henri-de-Taillon.

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