The lemon and citric acid — the most common method of cleaning the microwave.

The lemon and citric acid — the most common method of cleaning the microwave.

Лимон і лимонна кислота — найпоширеніший метод чищення мікрохвильової печі.

The ease of use of microwave ovens is undeniable, as well as sometimes futile attempts to clean it inside. However, there are several proven and reliable ways to quickly clean the microwave inside. And for this, in most cases you do not need special costly tools, it is possible to do improvised, informs UkrMedia.

Before you wash

Microwave so contradictory home helper that talks about its harmfulness to humans is not quenched decades. But out of all this more often than those who never used such appliances, and others believe that the convenience of microwave ovens is undeniable.

It, like any kitchen attribute, you need to keep clean, and given that the space inside is pretty limited, all pairs, fats, etc., bait with great pleasure settle on the walls. To reduce pollution will help the plastic caps, but all the way from the greasy sections to get rid of will not succeed.

Before using any remedy, one must remember that the inner surface of the microwave has a special coating that reflects microwaves. This layer is thin and damage easily. As a result, the furnace will fail.

Please note: do not wash the microwave with baking soda and other abrasive media, such as hard cloths and scrapers. Even using a soft cloth, much pressure not worth it.

All cleaning should be carried out with the coating which is in your furnace. Options for coating:

  • The spandrel. This is the most common and cheap coating of the internal chamber of a microwave oven. The surface is smooth without pores which makes the cleaning process simple. But the enamel does not tolerate scratches, as prolonged exposure to steam and grease make it less rigid lost the original color. Special attention should be paid to the bottom of the chamber – there should not be exposed to liquid and moisture, otherwise it will quickly rust. To clean a microwave is easy, but to carry out the manipulation you need to be especially careful not to damage the surface. After cleaning the inner chamber should be wiped dry.
  • Stainless steel. The coating is resistant to any temperature, but to make it stay clean is very difficult. Grease and soot sticks to the surface instantly, and is difficult to clean. In this case you should not just give up on abrasives and acids of any type. Ignoring the use of acids, you will get on the surface dark spots, get rid of them is almost impossible. To clean a microwave you need any special tools or impact a simple pair.
  • A ceramic coating. This option is the most easy to care for. The strength and smoothness allows you to use any of the below means. Mechanical impact on him as undesirable as with other types of coatings.
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There are a number of rules that should be kept, regardless of the option selected cleaning, among them:

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