The legitimately elected mayor will be to re-elect: “an unprecedented event”

Законно избранного мэра будут переизбирать: «беспрецедентный случай»

The local authorities of the small town was faced with a big problem

After the election of the mayor is necessary to hold new elections to choose… the mayor.

An unprecedented case happened in the us city of Maypearl, Texas. The fact that there is a legitimately elected mayor was a 71-year-old Victor Philip Veltman. For it gave their votes to the majority of voters, writes The Independent.

Законно избранного мэра будут переизбирать: «беспрецедентный случай»

However, the problem is that Veltman is dead.

The applicant has applied for participation in the elections, but shortly before the day X died from leukemia. However, it was given to 68 of 110 votes. All in all, 934 Laperle living person.

Now city officials are consulting with state authorities.

Victor Philip Veltman moved to town in 1990. About 12 years he worked as a teacher.

As previously reported, the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine was not without funny moments.

Both rounds of the presidential elections has not done without adventures with the ballots. So, the woman from Krivoy Rog, being drunk, tried to eat your ballot. The situation occurred at station No. 121507 district No. 33. The Commission members managed to pull of his mouth women part of the newsletter.

In the river drunk woman came to vote, but home after that never came – dozed off, lying on the ground.

In Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk oblast), a drunken man was joking about the mining of the election Commission No. 120791. After a few failed jokes received a ballot and went into the voting booth, out of which, threw the backpack on the floor, saying there is a bomb.

In Ivano-Frankivsk someone from the voter wrote on his ballot “SOS”. Obviously, this ballot is considered spoiled.

Законно избранного мэра будут переизбирать: «беспрецедентный случай»

Poltava voters go to the places with their dogs.

Some make “their” candidates on the ballot papers. Someone decided to vote in the second round for Oleg Lyashko, though the back and not passed.

In Krivoy Rog the invitation to vote was admitted on 8-year-old boy. So the boy came to the polling station in a school №13 with parents with an invitation and a birth certificate.

Recall that bothers to vote Ukrainians abroad.

As reported Politeka, the shots and the explosion occurred near the house Zelensky, footage of the attack.

Also Politeka wrote that Berezovets made a cruel joke about Zelensky and the fire at Notre Dame.