The legend of Russian cinema suddenly died: “a Great sorrow”

Легенда российского кино внезапно ушел из жизни: "Большое горе"

Heart stopped by the famous Russian Director and photographer

Well-known Director Nikolay Tarkhanov died in Irkutsk on the 52nd year of life. About this on his page in Facebook wrote to his friend, the singer Arkadiy Starodubtsev.

“Great grief… Died Nikolai Tarkhanov”, — stated in the message.

The cause of death, according to the singer, was a sharp pressure drop. The date and place of burial not reported.

According to local media, Tarkhanov was a Director of videos Starodubtseva. Nikolai Tarkhanov was a member of the Guild of documentary film and television and the Union of photographers of Russia and the Russian geographical society. It is noted that in his piggy Bank about 20 documentary and feature films, among them “Three round war”, “life Lessons,” and “No heaven.”

Легенда российского кино внезапно ушел из жизни: "Большое горе"

Earlier it was reported that the famous Russian actress Maria Poroshina heartbroken. It became known about the death of her mother — Natalia Krasnoyarsk. Star of the Bolshoi theater passed away on may 1 at the age of 70 years.

In March Natalia Krasnoyarsk became ill. She was urgently hospitalized straight from work. About a month the actress was trying to save in one of clinics of Moscow. But the doctors were powerless before the disease, which the family refused to disclose.

Natalia Krasnoyarsk was the last student of the legendary Opera Director Boris Pokrovsky. After graduating from the Institute, the future star got a job in a Big theater, which he served until the last days. Director of mimic ensemble of the Bolshoi theatre Ekaterina Mironov praised his late colleague:

Легенда российского кино внезапно ушел из жизни: "Большое горе"

“It was the pinnacle of our expression of the ensemble, which is now just remained virtually decapitated. This is the man that any second, any moment of life did not miss. It is no holiday, vacation. For us it was a model of femininity and beauty.”

Recall, stopped the heart of a legendary artist: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”

As reported Politeka, died a famous actress loved by the entire country: tens of years in a movie.

Also Politeka wrote that the body of the famous musician found in a pool of blood: “save girlfriend-Russian”.