The leader of the “Nazarus” Andrey Biletsky, urgently appealed to Zelensky: “the struggle continues”

Лидер "Нацкорпуса" Андрей Билецкий срочно обратился к Зеленскому: "борьба продолжается"

The leader of the “national Body”, the founder of the regiment Azov Andriy Biletskiy addressed to Vladimir Zelensky. The Deputy of the VII convocation of the Verkhovna Rada made a statement regarding the war and formulas Steinmeier

Andriy Biletsky on behalf of the veterans said that they want the end of the war and the return of the territories. Since no one knows the true prices of the world so well as they — those who passed the war, conquering Ukrainian lands? writes Znayu.

“Do we want the veterans, the end of the war and the return of territories? Yes, I do. Even more than you do, because we know the real price of the world and we paid the price for every meter conquered Ukrainian land,” — said Beletsky.

Andrew Bielecki spoke on the formula, Steinmeier, calling the agreement a surrender of Ukrainian national interests.

Лидер "Нацкорпуса" Андрей Билецкий срочно обратился к Зеленскому: "борьба продолжается"

“Formula Steinmeier is not the biggest horror story of recent weeks. It is the largest since the Minsk dogovornyak surrender of Ukrainian national interests,” said the veteran.

Beletsky offers to find out more on the recently signed formula Steinmeier. He notes that it provides that Ukraine recognizes the annexation of Crimea and refuses Donbass. In addition, according to him, the formula provides that the elections in the Donbass will be at the point of guns, because the parties have not agreed on how the Russian troops leave the territory of Ukraine.

“Because in your arrangements is not a word about Crimea and Donbas after such “elections” will turn into an enclave of the “Russian world”, — says Bielecki.

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The veteran contends that the parties, by the way, didn’t specifically name a single red line, which would have to be very special status ORDO.

“So, the bottom line. Surrender, surrender of national interests, and global dogovornyak steps without the consent of the people of Ukraine. Ahead of you have a short and difficult way to solve this problem. Because it’s very simple – no Minsk dogovornyak, no withdrawal, no special status, no election – yet the border is not going to be our”, — said Beletsky.

Лидер "Нацкорпуса" Андрей Билецкий срочно обратился к Зеленскому: "борьба продолжается"

He also added that it is not necessary to be afraid of old politicians Ki are worth nothing after the signing of the Minsk agreements and more worried about the reaction of the veterans, patriots and the Ukrainian people.

“So surrender is not canceled. And therefore the struggle against it” – concluded the appeal Beletsky.

Recall that the return of the Donbass very close, called nuances: “you can capture any part of the territory.”

As reported Politeka, the return of Donbass: the EU has taken an unexpected step.

Also Politeka wrote that the strongest ally of Ukraine has set Zelensky to a standstill due to the Donbass.