The launch of the electricity market will not lead to failure in power supply of cities from the Czech Republic

Запуск рынка электроэнергии не приведет к сбою в электроснабжении городов, - Чех

The launch of the electricity market from 1 July will not lead to problems with electricity supply of consumers, no blackouts in the cities will not be

About this said freelance adviser to the Minister of energy and coal industry Sergei Cech, write Ukrainian news.

“Electricity will be supplied to consumers on time and in necessary volumes. Prerequisites for technological disorders or limitations in the volumes of supply of electricity to the start market creates,” said Cech.

Advisor to the Minister also stressed that the reform was prepared more than one year and energy has provided the possible scenarios, the deficit in the power system will not.

“There will be no displays of lack of electricity, which will lead either to technological disorders, or to planned outages of consumers,” said the Czech.

Recall from 1 July 2019 Ukraine should be launched a new model of the wholesale electricity market in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market”, which is the second stage of the energy reform. Retail electricity market started to operate on 1 January 2019. The launch of the electricity market – an obligation of Ukraine in the framework of the implementation of the EU Third energy package.

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Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at a government meeting on 5 June said that the electricity market will be launched on time, and ensured that electricity tariffs for the population will not grow.