The largest Polish information Agency PAP, Putin reminded about the gas agreements reached during the visit Medvedchuk

Крупнейшее информационное польское агентство РАР: Путин напомнил о газовых договоренностях, достигнутых во время визита Медведчука

Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled the agreements reached during the visit of Viktor Medvedchuk and Yuri Boyko in Moscow

This writes the Polish PAP Agency.

“He (Putin — ed.) recalled the visit to Russia ahead of the presidential election in Ukraine two Ukrainian Pro-Russian politicians Viktor Medvedchuk and presidential candidate Yuriy Boyko. They talked with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and head of the group “Gazprom” Alexey Miller” — said RAHR.

In particular, Putin noted that the Russian side said that the price will be not less than 25% below, if Ukraine will receive gas directly from Russia.

We will remind, on a press-conferences following the visit to Beijing by Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine will remain without gas supply, if not to extend the agreement on the transit of Russian gas. However, he noted that Ukraine receives gas is “twice as expensive” than could get.

“When Mr. Medvedchuk and Yuriy Boyko came to Moscow and met with Miller and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, the Russian side said, at least 25% of the price will be less if will directly receive gas from Russia. 25%!” — said the Russian leader.

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