The Kremlin retaliated Ukraine for his spy-diplomat: the booming scandal

Кремль отомстил Украине за своего шпиона-дипломата: гремит скандал

Moscow has found a “worthy” response to Ukraine over what was exposed by the Russian diplomat involved in espionage

The Kremlin believes that fair responded to the decision of the SBU.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation issued a statement that the officer of the Consulate General of Ukraine in St.-Petersburg declared a persona non grata. The report said that Moscow has taken this step in response to the expulsion from Ukraine of the employee of Consulate General of Russia in Lvov.

Кремль отомстил Украине за своего шпиона-дипломата: гремит скандал

“This is a response to the decision of the SBU,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Thus Russia took revenge on Ukraine for the exposure of his spy-diplomat

We will remind, on Tuesday, August 13, Kiev, declared persona non grata the employee of Consulate General of Russia in Lvov. Ukrainian security services have accused diplomat in that he five years ago tried to recruit a local resident. He was given the task by the representatives of the Russian special services.

The security service of Ukraine said that the Russian diplomat received from the resident of Lviv region data on number of persons and units of the APU and the Western military instructors.

As we wrote earlier, Putin recognizes that in the Crimea, a situation which cannot resolve on their own. It is reported by international lawyer and former representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Borys Babin.

Recently, the aggressor suddenly want to negotiate with the mainland Ukraine on the entry of the Peninsula of water from the Dnieper river.

So, the occupants of the Crimea intend to appeal to the Kremlin with a request to initiate negotiations with Kiev. The occupiers have the audacity to call her and Dnieper, they say, they from the Peninsula have the full right to use, as the river “originates in Russia.”

“This problem is well known. The only thing that has changed is not even the statements of the representatives of the occupation authorities, and the fact that it is official Russian sources are propaganda. This means that Russia officially recognizes the existence of the problem, which for a long time just in silence,” — says Babin.

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Кремль отомстил Украине за своего шпиона-дипломата: гремит скандал

Ukraine is not afraid and ready for any negotiations but within the framework set by international humanitarian law.

No pressure, no attempts of blackmail here will not be counted and Babin is convinced that the country’s leadership will be wise enough not to exchange 1.5-2 million hostages inhabitants of the Crimea – on any temporary assignment.

“Water is a strategic issue, and its supply to the Crimea should be discussed only in the context of the strategic dimension, namely, de-occupation of the Peninsula. The rest, as they say, is secondary,” — said Borys Babin.

We will remind, the mentioned consequences for the Russian Federation from issuing passports in the Donbass: “the Kremlin itself in the foot shot”.

As reported Politeka, the family of the brother of the leader of “popular front” of Bourbaki received Russian passports in the Crimea: documents.

Also Politeka wrote that in a network there were photos of the secret facility of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in the Crimea