The Kremlin in commotion, Putin betrayed disgusting details of scandal, which tells the whole world

В Кремле переполох, Путина гадко предали: подробности скандала, о котором говорит весь мир

Between Russia and the United States, a new hotbed of tension, linked with espionage. It became known that the Americans were able to take out from Russia of its valuable agent of the Kremlin. After this information surfaced, about what we are talking about Oleg Smolenkova, the employee of presidential administration of Russia

September 9, the TV channel CNN, citing its intelligence sources and the U.S. Congress reported that, after the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited the White house two years ago, the U.S. intelligence services urgently taken from the capital of Russia “one of his most senior informants in the government of the Russian Federation”.

It is reported by Kommersant , citing authoritative sources in the government.

CIA spokesman made a statement and called the information to local media “wrong.”

В Кремле переполох, Путина гадко предали: подробности скандала, о котором говорит весь мир

However, the evening of 9 September has information about who could be a potential informant for US intelligence. The media recalled that in the summer of 2017 Oleg Malenkov with his wife and three children went on vacation to Montenegro and then disappeared. Then this was mentioned in the Daily Storm.

Assessment of valuable information, which could have Smolenkov vary greatly. According to one source, he was engaged in technical work — was responsible for procurement, travel arrangements, performed personal errands vasectomise superiors. “I don’t think he could tell Americans anything but popular rumors”, — says the source.

Still according to other data, a potential “mole” was an employee at the Russian Embassy in Washington Yuri Ushakov, who now holds the post of assistant on international Affairs Russian President Vladimir Putin. After he returned home, continued to work with Ushakov and may abuse his trust. The source made the assumption that Smolenkov could become the owner of significant information, because its head had direct access to the President.

В Кремле переполох, Путина гадко предали: подробности скандала, о котором говорит весь мир

The wife of an American spy’s name is Antonina. She as well as spouse worked in the government of the Russian Federation.

On the website news publications, The Washington Post reported on the purchase of Smolenkova homes for 925 000 $ in Stafford (Virginia). They also have data on registration of the contract of property management for the family name Malenkovich, which was formalized in the winter of this year.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin acknowledged that Smolenkov really worked in the Putin administration

According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Smolenkov was fired internal order in 2016-2017.

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“I don’t know if he was or not. I only can confirm that was indeed the incumbent administration, and that he was subsequently dismissed,” said Sands, answering the question, could Smolenkov to be a CIA agent.

Smolenkov could be “one of the key informants”, including “intervention”, but at the end of 2016, after emergence in mass media of information about the intelligence sources in the Kremlin, the Americans began to think about his transfer, which was done in 2017.

It is clarified that the spy could even photograph documents on the Desk of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

We will remind, the Kremlin retaliated Ukraine for his spy-diplomat: the booming scandal.

As reported Politeka, a couple of “gay GRU”: the network has fun adventures poisoners Skripal in Salisbury.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is ready to launch a military operation in Ukraine, the statement appeared: “stop waiting”.