The Kremlin agreed to give up the occupied territories, released a statement: “it happens…”

Кремль согласился отдать захваченные территории, появилось заявление: "это произойдет..."

Moscow is ready to transfer to Tokyo, two South Kuril Islands – Habomai and Shikotan

Such statements were made, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, this will happen after Tokyo will sign a peace Treaty. The foreign Minister of Russia referred to the Declaration of 1956 year.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Putin previously stated that Russia will not be anyone to give the Kuril Islands, but on the contrary – she will invest in the development of the Kuril Islands and the Far East.

He promised that the flag of the Russian Federation over the Kuril Islands will not be launched never recalled that recently in the Islands was opened on the airport.

Кремль согласился отдать захваченные территории, появилось заявление: "это произойдет..."

Earlier it was reported that the Japanese government decided not to sign with the Russian side framework agreement for a peace Treaty.

According to Moscow and Tokyo failed to overcome differences related to security issues and some of the historical moments. The authors pointed out that the Japanese side intends to continue talks on a peace Treaty in the long term.

Earlier it was reported that Russia started to panic because of the “assignment” Japan, part of the Kuril Islands.

The fact that the site of the Olympic games in 2020 marked the Kuril Islands as Japanese territory.

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So Japan has attributed the Islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and group of Islands Habomai, which are Russian. The interactive map shows the route of the Olympic flame to Japan.

Кремль согласился отдать захваченные территории, появилось заявление: "это произойдет..."

The southern Kuriles it is related to the Hokkaido Prefecture, but the Olympic route it does not pass.

We also recall that in Russia-annexed Crimea decided to turn off from heat, electricity and water residential building.

Such harsh measures, decided to apply the pseudo government of the occupied Crimean Peninsula to all “foreigners” on its territory, reports the observer. Namely, to those foreign nationals who have property on the Peninsula, but not wanting to pay taxes.

Recall that Putin is scared of scientists his new appearance: “the old man’s face floated”.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”