The judge “Tanzu with with a stars” Kuchar shared some important news: “There’s only one…”

Судья «Танців с зірками» Кухар поделилась важной новостью: «Есть лишь одна…»

The judge “Tanzu with with a stars” Catherine Kuhar told his fans the news that she was inspired and has inspired

Well-known Ukrainian prima ballerina boasted a us visa a special category.

In the United States Catherine Kuhar was given a visa for persons with extraordinary or exceptional ability “O-1”. Be good news the judge “Tanzu with with a stars” shared with admirers of his talent on his page in Instagram.

Судья «Танців с зірками» Кухар поделилась важной новостью: «Есть лишь одна…»

“It’s great knowing that every step of your professional development brings you to new possibilities and the heights of the world. Recently found out a big news… the Us government gave me a visa category “O-1” – wrote Kuhar in the social network.

She added that she is very pleased this recognition of her achievements and talent.

The dancer also said that she is the Ambassador of a leading global brand of Pointe shoes. “In the best theatres of the world there is only one dancer they choose,” he boasted Kuhar, adding that it inspires and inspires.

Fans immediately congratulated Catherine with this achievement.

“Clever! You are the pride not only of Ukraine but also the world of ballet”, “VI — our Nile Horst!!!!!!!!!!!! Velicity podyaka for Your necken th apologive prace, seabeco vitrually, shirou love to is I vddint their sprav!”, – wrote in Instagram Internet commentators.

We have previously reported that Catherine Kuhar was photographed in an incredible way for the European glossy magazine.

Prima ballerina and judge of dance “from Dances with stars” came to the site of the famous Italian Vogue gloss.

Судья «Танців с зірками» Кухар поделилась важной новостью: «Есть лишь одна…»

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Worked with the star of Ukrainian photographer Vadim Yatsun. He noted that during filming, he and Catherine decided “not to go far from the familiar attributes: mirror and Swan ease”.

The photoshoot took place in a Studio. In operation, the photographer used the mirror curves. “Seeing the result, we immediately realized that these photos need to be placed only in the glossy world level!”, – thought Yatsun.

Судья «Танців с зірками» Кухар поделилась важной новостью: «Есть лишь одна…»

Catherine Kuchar admitted that shooting it agrees very rarely, and only when, a photographer she has a full understanding.

“For such shooting I agree very rarely and only when really trust the person you are working…,” said Kuhar.

Recall that the half-naked MARUV climbed on the table to Kuhar

As reported Politeka, participant “s Dances with stars” performed on the stage in a transparent outfit

Politeka also wrote that a leading “z Dances with stars” was given in marriage live