The judge did not believe the drug trafficking charges

michael-labrie-jean-yves-pineault(Granby) One said he did not know he stored the MDPV, a synthetic drug commonly known as “bath salts”. The other said, unaware that the laboratory where he worked was used to produce the illegal substance.

In both cases, the judge Serge Champoux, the Court of Quebec, did not believe the testimony of Michael Labrie and Jean-Yves Pineault, described as “painful”. These are the last two defendants of a network of production and drug trafficking uncovered in November 2012. Building Granby, Sainte-Christine, Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby and Shefford were then visited.

masterminds of this network, Bertrand Poirier Jr. and his father Bertrand Poirier sr have already received their sentences, respectively eight and five and a half years in prison.

In turn, Mr. Labrie and Pineault just been found guilty of synthetic drug possession for the purpose of trafficking. Additional traffic charge was brought against Mr. Labrie. Both had been shadowed when they had frequent contact with Poirier father and son.


According to the evidence, Michael Labrie acted as seller and multiplied the back and forth between his home, his work, his gym and his “stash” located in the basement of the home of a friend in Saint-Alphonse-de -Granby. There, police seized 30,000 tablets of MDPV and 1,000 pills of Viagra in a separate bag.

The accused argued that the bath salts were not for him and that he was content to sell Viagra in bars. He said he never opened the other bags.

As his sidekick, the judge ruled that his version was “absolutely no credibility.” How to explain the need for a hiding place in St. Alphonse rented $ 300 a month, if not to store an illegal substance? And why would he have tolerated the presence of two big bags whose content was unknown to him?


Jean-Yves Pineault, meanwhile, is an experienced electrician who has several works in manufacturing laboratory located in a barn in Sainte-Christine. He defended himself by saying that he believed Mr. Poirier manufactured caffeine pills. To its credit, the tablets were sold as “speeds” and actually contained MDPV and caffeine.

He justified his great attendance Poirier father that the two were good friends, they enjoyed lunch together, biking and walking to the center of interpretation of the nature of Lake Boivin. Still, he said ignoring what his friend lived and he had a criminal record, which was the case.

All the work he did in electricity was very important and is not consistent with the single payment of $ 500 that he received. Mr. Pineault advanced another worker would have done the work, that the court considers “difficult to believe”.

“This would mean that Poirier agreed to bring in a clandestine laboratory of hard drugs someone other than him. Monitoring police confirms no such thing, and finally, Poirier is hard to understand why forsake them so inexpensive services of Jean-Yves Pineault, in which they would still have enough confidence to entrust him later 43,000 pills, “said Champoux the judge in his decision of 22 June


Said tablets box was discovered among the accused in a closet, accompanied by several other bags of chemicals. “He was involved in the manufacture of drugs and agreed to keep in a place which he had sole control of large quantities of pills, packed in bags of thousand units, obviously for resale,” says the judge .

“The evidence as a whole seems clear to me and I would add even particularly damning.” MM. Labrie Pineault and must return to court in September for sentencing submissions.

MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone) is a psychostimulant sold in pill form which produces effects similar to amphetamines and molecules belonging to the family of cathinone.

It is relatively powerful and shows a high potential for abuse. But at very low doses and after extensive studies, MDPV could treat various psychological disorders.

It was developed for the first time in 1960 and remained unknown until it was popularized in 2004 under the name of “bath salts” and sold as new synthetic product.

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