The journalist died ridiculous: “I wanted to photograph friends”

Журналистка нелепо погибла: «хотела сфотографировать друзей»

It all happened literally in an instant, and when the girl was found, she was bloody and unconscious

Tragically killed Russian journalist Margarita Virava. She was 25 years old.

The accident was reported on his page in Facebook her colleague Egor Skovoroda. “Our friend Rita is gone. She died this morning at the Botkin hospital, not regaining consciousness after a fall from the window of his apartment on the eighth floor,” wrote the young man.

Журналистка нелепо погибла: «хотела сфотографировать друзей»

He noted that the death of the girl was not a suicide “a tragic accident”.

Pan said the details of a fatal accident. So, according to him, several friends came to the journalist to visit. The window in the apartment that was wide open, as it periodically around someone Smoking.

Virov wanted to photograph friends and sat on the window sill.

“She sat on the window sill and, leaning back with the phone, unsuccessfully leaned on anticoagu the mesh (more precisely, the mesh was the same as the mosquito, but was raised around cats), lost his balance and fell out of the window,” wrote her friend in the social network.

Friends girls immediately called the carriage “first aid”, and when he ran down to the fallen Margarita, she “was in blood and unconscious.”

The doctors brought the victim to the intensive care unit is still alive. However, this morning she, without regaining consciousness, died from received in a fall injuries.

It is reported that the girl from the family and only my grandmother and aunt and uncle. Bury Virou will, apparently, in her native city of Aleksin (Tula oblast).

Журналистка нелепо погибла: «хотела сфотографировать друзей»

As we wrote earlier, became aware of the terrible case of road — killed famous sportswoman. Olympic champion in Squaw valley Klara Guseva, died in Moscow.

The winner of the Game-60, a Soviet speed skater Clara Gusev got in a terrible accident. This is reported by Russian media.

“Klara Guseva was killed in a traffic accident, she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save her life. The date and place of farewell and funeral will be known later,” — referred to in the statement of the Chairman of the Committee on work with veterans of the Union of skaters of Russia Ramira Kuramshina for the Russian media.

It is known that Guseva, the winner of the Olympic gold, she was a world champion in the classic all-around at the distance of 1000 meters in Ostersund, Sweden.

Журналистка нелепо погибла: «хотела сфотографировать друзей»

Recall that the Ukrainian died in the popular resort: “before”, photos and details of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, in the Ukrainian Carpathians again was PE, which was worth a man’s life.

Also Politeka wrote that the new Zaitseva blew a stop in Kiev: people scattered like bowling pins.