The “Jewelry of the Year” is in Granby

lannee-2015-2016-ete-toute(Granby) After a year marked by important changes, Jewellery Jewelers Deziel Granby harvest the fruit of his efforts and became the “Jeweller of the Year”. The distinction, awarded by the Association of Canadian officials in jewelry (CBRA), acknowledged that the company is representative of the middle and innovative.

“The year 2015-2016 has been a year!” Says on the phone jeweler owner Normand Deziel honored to receive this award. The company he started in 1987 has recently been brought up to date: new location, new brand, new website and soon, a new jeweler will add to the team to meet growing demand .

“Someone who arrives today to reshape his ring, it will take two months before we get to hers,” said the owner, who does not lack work. It is indeed remodeling jewelry that deals mainly with the four jewelers (almost five) working full time on the jewelry.

“Over the years, people accumulate jewelry they received in various occasions and often significant, such as a grandmother ring. The diamond is of importance, but the model is a little out of date, “says Normand Déziel.

This is also because it is surrounded by other craftsmen gem over time that Norman wanted Déziel rename his business. “Jewellery Jewelers Déziel with s” stresses the owner, who wanted to give his cronies the credit they deserve.

New address

The jewelry has a ridership increased since leaving its original location at the corner of St-Hubert streets and Boivin to settle on Main Street. “We felt that the street Boivin had less attraction there 27 when we got there,” said Normand Déziel appointing businesses which attracted passersby in this area, once the Boutique Foyer, the fish Cowie the bike shop.

The jeweler wanted to be in the heart of the action. “Working in the trade is to be with people, to talk with them, understand what they want and what they like.” This approach “proximity” has loyal customers, he believes. “It is not a haughty jewelry where people dare not enter.”

Online Store

Moreover, he hopes to seek younger customers with its new brand image. “The old jewelery was a country style. Now it is more contemporary, “notes the owner.

A new online store accompanies the revamped website of the company. “We made so that the future is here, we wanted to have that vehicle to get a little more passive customers at home” comments Normand Déziel, adding that the catalog is not complete at actual hour.

“I do not expect that many people to do online shopping,” he said. It will instead rely on the visibility that the new online store will offer the merchandise in our stores.

Seasonal trends

“The white gold is still very fashionable, pink gold has grown significantly in the past year,” reports the jeweler owner, who notes that the mixture of both (white gold, rose gold) is especially appreciated . Yellow gold, for its part, has lost its nobility.

As the wedding season in full swing, Normand Deziel also sees a return customer types in his shop. “The gentleman often buys a ring, he has never worn before, it was ill-advised and his rod is too large. It goes on honeymoon, first thing he does: he jumped into the sea and lost his ring in the first wave, “laughs the owner, accustomed to hear the story.

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