The Jeannois launch a clear message

moins-4000-personnes-participe-marcheThe signal is clear: the people of Lac-Saint-Jean wants to live in the forest. At least 4,000 people marched peacefully to prove this Sunday in Saint-Felicien.

Workers, business people, politicians and citizens have benefited from this workers’ day and month of the tree to show their solidarity with the forestry world that is battered in recent years by the financial crisis and pressure from environmental groups.

“Welcome to the new Forest Capital of Quebec,” exclaimed Mayor Gilles Potvin before the walkers borrow the Sacre-Coeur Boulevard to regroup on the bridge of Saint-Félicien, where we took a great photo family.

Workers, business people, politicians and citizens have used this day of workers and of the tree Month to show their solidarity with the forest world, battered in recent years by the financial crisis and pressure from environmental groups.

It is precisely to counter attacks by environmental groups as the Alliance boreal forest, organizer of the march, has chosen to focus on the importance of harvest timber to reduce greenhouse gases. The theme was “I fight against climate change, I build wood.”

The researcher Rejean Gagnon explained clearly the importance of trees and forests in carbon sequestration. “The trees, it works with solar energy! A timber, that contains 50% carbon and carbon, it comes from trees that are manufactured by CO2. The trees, it eats little ground, but mainly CO2 by absorbing it through its foliage. When building a house with 2×4, well, that’s 25 tons of CO2 that one receiver, “he said, recalling the importance of promoting forest regeneration.

One of the founders of the Alliance boreal forest, the trade unionist Daniel Leblond did not hide his emotions. He was moved and happy to see so many people respond to the call. “It is mission accomplished! I am proud to see so many of you for this mobilization. The forest is not an expense, but an investment. Supply drop is zero tolerance. The loss of jobs is zero tolerance. It must be heard. It’s quite the lies conveyed by the activists. If there was here today, raise your hand, we will reach you, “he began, warmly applauded by the crowd.

It is then that forest workers and their families have taken the lead to start the march. It was impressive to see the procession of people walking towards the bridge. Difficult to assess how many. The figure of 4000 is certainly not exaggerated.

All these people met later on the parking Metro and IGA for fellowship around the traditional hot dog.

Roger Sigouin and other elected Ontario participated in the solidarity march Saint-Félicien. Communities join the Alliance boreal forest.

Ontario mayors in solidarity
Ontario elected moved to Saint-Félicien in solidarity and decided to join the Alliance boreal forest.

Thus the organization becomes Alliance Quebec-Ontario boreal forest. Ten municipalities, including Hearst, Timmins and Iroquois Falls adhere to it. “We encounter the same difficulties you in Quebec. After experiencing an unprecedented crisis in the forestry sector and well we are also facing reductions of supplies. Our town depends on the forest. We have a sawmill and panel factory. The current environment is very difficult, “said the mayor of Hearst, Roger Sigouin.

Three mayors and two aldermen traveled hundreds of kilometers to attend the march. “We wanted to be there to demonstrate our will to be heard. For our municipalities, it was important to join the Boreal Forest Alliance that our voices be heard in order to save our economies. Representing two provinces, we will be stronger and change things, “he testified.

The president of the organization, Jean-Pierre Boivin believes that this combination will give more strength to the organization that is apolitical and that is not financed by the forest industry.

Philippe Couillard conspicuously absent
An absence was greatly noticed on Sunday, the member for Roberval Philippe Couillard.

Several people interviewed spoke Daily lamented its absence. “We hoped to surprise his presence. The invitation was extended to him because we thought it was a very important time, “said Mayor Gilles Potvin.

The member for Lac-Saint-Jean Alexandre Cloutier was diplomatic. “There are two members of the Lac-Saint-Jean today here, but one is missing. Its presence would have been desired, because it is an extremely important issue. We must show our pride in the forest. It is certain that Prime Minister diary is very full. I guess there were more important occupations than being with us today, “he said.

The MP Denis Lebel was also present.

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