The Japanese surprised the Network photo “the worst” dogs

The Internet was initiated by a flash-mob dedicated to this topic.

In Japan, netizens initiated a flash mob, in which competed the worst pictures of Pets. Image posted on Twitter, nick was escorted by the hashtag #Campionatoserierisultato.


— para (@para1193) 22 Oct 2017

Some pictures are really funny and absurd, and show a pet in the worst light, even if it looks pretty ordinary.



— みね@harry (@mine__harry0904) 23 Oct 2017.



— 黒柴ちゃん (@KUROSHIBA_chan) 23 Oct 2017.



— 相模 (@aikodesyoi) October 29, 2017



— tsuntsun (@tsun0314) October 27, 2017

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