The invasion started after a call to Putin, pillars of smoke, beat the air: the first images, the world will never be the same

Вторжение началось после звонка Путину, столбы дыма, бьют с воздуха: первые кадры, мир не будет прежним

In the network published the footage of the beginning of the Turkish operation in Syria

The video shows plumes of smoke from air strikes on the Syrian town of tel Abyad. The video appeared on the channel NT.

Specified, this is the first town targeted by the Turkish army.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of operations of the armed forces of his country in Syria.

In this regard, Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin.

“President Erdogan and his Russian counterpart on the phone discussed the operation of Turkey in North-East Syria and a zone of security,” foreign media reported.

The task of the Turkish troops abandoned the Kurdish people’s protection Units (YPG) from the border.

“We decided to act independently. We will pursue this action and on the ground and in the air. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow will start”, — said earlier the President of Turkey.

Вторжение началось после звонка Путину, столбы дыма, бьют с воздуха: первые кадры, мир не будет прежним

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October 8, U.S. President Donald trump said that Washington ceases to support the allies in Syria — the Kurds, after receiving criticism from both parties.

Despite the U.S. warning to Turkey, the latter decided “to solve the Kurdish question” on its borders.

October 7, Turkish jets struck the headquarters of the Kurds, “the Syrian democratic forces” (SDF) in the vicinity of the city of al-Malikiya in the province of hasakah in North-Eastern Syria.

We will remind, Putin has responded to operation Turkey.

As he wrote politeka, Putin’s thugs flew into the air together with the General.

We also reported that Erdogan said, as will be operation in Syria.