The interior Ministry uncovered a fraudulent scheme of selling cars in the showrooms of Moscow

MVD of Russia detained several employees of the Metropolitan dealers, who are charged an article about fraud in car sales. About it reports “RIA Novosti”.

The number of detainees is not specified. They are from 22 to 34 years. All of them are employees of one of the Moscow centers, whereas residence in the capital city do not have. The results of the investigation revealed that fraudsters forged documents.

First, they placed an ad to sell a new car online, and after you have made adjustments to the documents and “cheat” the value of the car after the conclusion of the contract. The client offered to pay the entire cost or purchase a used car for the same price.

In the result, overpayments could reach 250 thousand virtually any, while the total damage from the fraud amounted to 50 million virtually any. The detainees were arrested. A criminal case of fraud reported by the official representative of MIA of Russia, Irina Wolf.

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