The Inouk their arms

inouk-tenu-saluer-leurs-partisans(Granby) After fighting valiantly from day 1 of the season after rejecting their limits for months and months, the Inouk finally surrendered.

Sunday afternoon, in front of 712 spectators at sports center Léonard-Grondin, the Granby residents were beaten 7-4 before the French College, which won the Napa and cut for a second straight year after sweeping the final series of the League Junior hockey Quebec.

Although they were few give much of their skin during this fourth game, Inouk attempted the impossible to the end, the last two goals of the French College being successful in an empty net. The premises have even registered the first two threads of the game before to tie 3-3, and after seeing the Longueuil come from behind and take the lead for the first time.

“I consider myself privileged to have led this great hockey team saprée, which was composed of outstanding young men told David Lapierre moved. Early in the season, much everybody predicted us the worst miseries, but the guys did not let down. They rolled up their sleeves and were eliminated the latest training. We never gave up and we lost in pride, with panache. ”

Patrice Demuy was the best Inouk Sunday with a goal and an assist. Maxime Borduas had two assists. Edward Michaud Alexandre Coulombe and Jeremy Brown were others to thwart Vincent Gervais, who stopped 36 pucks.

Gervais, incidentally, was named MVP of the series. It was excellent in all four games against the Inouk.

Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, with two assists, Jonathan Fillion, with a goal and an assist, and David Marcotte, with two assists, led the attack on the French College.

Nathan Ward-Raymond got his first start of the series. He was replaced after allowing three goals on 20 shots. Benjamin John Oats sold twice over a dozen shots.

“It’s not complicated, we had the best team, commented the French College coach Pierre Petroni. The most wonderful thing is that we played our best hockey once in the playoffs. But also give credit to Inouk, which experienced a season. ”

This is the second year that the French College terminates the Inouk season. Longueuil coming off a third cut in four years and fourth in six years.

He remained gasoline

Neither David nor Lapierre person in the team wanted to admit that there was more gas in the tank Inouk.

“There remained, said the coach. The proof is that we played with intensity and heart from beginning to end of the series. Obviously, the No. 3 match was very wrong. I will not go back on what happened, but it hurt a lot … ”

Lapierre, as we know, complained the work of the referees after the meeting. His comments in The Eastern Voices have also made sure he was fined $ 200 by the authorities of the LHJQ.

Lapierre finally thanked his players for 20 years, to whom he wished good luck for the future, his assistants (Sébastien Lacroix, Steve Searles, Miguel and Eric Fortin Hade) and all members of the organization “for this season very special. ”

“We have not won the cup, but I think people Granby may long remember this very special team.”

He is right.

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