The innate business sense

alexandra-tremblay-victoria-blain-emyIt was Saturday the great day of small entrepreneurs where young people are invited to present to the public the company’s fruit they have set up a few months earlier. The Eastern Voices met some -uns who definitely have business in the blood.

Alexan Adjemian, Sevanne Adjemian, Mathis and Callista Monnier Monnier formed a thunder sales team at Public Market Granby. Together they handmade key chains and origami. “I wanted to experiment with the sale and especially to see the public reaction. We used our imagination to develop the designs of various key chain, “says Alexan, from a height of ten years.

He explains that they met for production sessions to be ready for the official day sale, held across the province.

Their neighboring booth, a trio of Victoria Blain, Émy Proulx and Alexandra Tremblay, all of nine years old, opted instead for the sale of custom bags of nuts, a perfect snack to accompany them as a walker while hiking in forest. They even proposed trails ideas to experiment around the region and distributed a sheet identifying.

“Last year, I sold lemonade and I loved it,” said Victoria.

At the Feast of the beach in Cowansville, Alys Galipeau, 11, was alone with his “chic shop” offering a variety of objects: baby sets, magic bags, comforters, greeting cards. She definitely not lack imagination.

“Later, I would like to have a shop of handicrafts,” she told The Voice of the East.

Beside her, Kéliane Gratton and Julia Boucher St-Martin also had many items to offer, all made by hand. “We have pencil cases, bookmarks, banners, key chains, wallets and bags,” says Julia.

Both girls got hooked so they want to have a section in their objects in the trade of Julia’s parents, Antiques Knowlton, they specify.

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