The incredible find was discovered in the Amazon jungle: “about three thousand years”

Невероятную находку обнаружили в джунглях Амазонки: «около трех тысяч лет»

A unique object was well hidden from prying eyes by lush vegetation

To detect the discovery archaeologists have helped chronicle the Spanish priest, who wrote them in the XVI century.

Brazilian archaeologists in the forests of the Amazon basin national Park found the remains of settlements of an unknown civilization that was quite developed for its time period, according to Amazonas Noticias.

Невероятную находку обнаружили в джунглях Амазонки: «около трех тысяч лет»

Scientists suggest that their finding about three thousand years.

Archaeologists have helped to make the opening of the Spanish priest Gaspar de Carvajal, who lived in the XVI century. He traveled the Amazon river and made notes where there is a detailed mention of the villages of the Indians.

From the Chronicles of the Holy father, it follows that at that time the area was densely populated.

Scientists have not found a scattered village, and a well-designed architectural complex.

“What we saw is a number of settlements, each of which was, perhaps, its own history, but which were connected”, – told one of participants of the archeological expedition of Rafael Lopez.

Experts were amazed by what they discovered civilization was highly developed. For example, this is evidenced by the level of agricultural operations. The Indians raised and carefully tended a grove of Brazil nut, which occupies a large area.

Even managed to identify the traces of humus, which the ancient people fertilized their crops.

In addition, they found numerous ceramic articles – vases, funerary urns, dishes. The dishes were even painted brown, red, black and white colors.

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Невероятную находку обнаружили в джунглях Амазонки: «около трех тысяч лет»

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