The increase of salaries by 40%, from Zelensky has prepared a surprise: what to expect Ukrainians

Повышение зарплат на 40%, у Зеленского уготовили сюрприз: чего ждать украинцам

Vladimir Zelensky has provided revolutionary changes in taxation

Politeka as reported, the bill number 2250 was on the official portal of the Verkhovna Rada

In particular, the presidential party “servant of the people” want to abolish taxation on the salaries of employees who are less than 27 years.

Повышение зарплат на 40%, у Зеленского уготовили сюрприз: чего ждать украинцам

Thanks to this draft law, Ukrainian employers will be able to increase the salaries of its employees by 40% without increasing the payroll.

According to the author of the bill Alexei the Coachman, to date, a significant number of graduates go abroad to “work” due to the fact that you are unable to find decent work in Ukraine. The exemption, which offers a “servant of the people”, supposedly will increase the number of jobs for graduates

“The bill proposes to exempt employers from paying the single social contribution for employees under 27 years of age. It is also proposed to introduce a zero rate of tax on individual income for workers under the age of 27 years”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum attached to the bill registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

Повышение зарплат на 40%, у Зеленского уготовили сюрприз: чего ждать украинцам

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians want to permanently cancel work books. The government on 9 October sets in motion a bill and acts, abolishing the mandatory presence of labor books. This was announced by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmytro Dubilet.

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It is noted that information on job tenure for all citizens since 2000 is contained in the electronic register of the state. And those who have seniority prior to 2000, can independently or through the employer to place this data in e-registry. The Minister noted that this information is used when calculating pensions or other social benefits.

An electronic document with information about the work experience, the Ukrainians will be able to find and receive in the Network. You need to use a digital signature.

We will remind, the municipal disaster freeze Ukrainians who will stay with cold batteries.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians raised the price of gas, announced amount.

Also Politeka wrote that tariffs for communal listed: prepare your wallets.