The incident with the passenger plane in the capital of the “flight” was not expecting anyone

ЧП с пассажирским самолетом в столице: такого «полета» не ожидал никто

The plane, flying along the route, was forced to return to the airport due to bad weather

The incident occurred at night at the Pearson international airport Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is a passenger aircraft of canadian airlines by Air Canada was forced to abort the flight and return as the crew did not want to risk due to bad weather conditions.

ЧП с пассажирским самолетом в столице: такого «полета» не ожидал никто

At the destination airport and the tragedy occurred. The liner collided with the tanker.

As a result, suffered five people – two pilots, a stewardess and two passengers. All the victims were hospitalized.

Just the cabin was 51 people. They were evacuated from the airliner. People promise to send to the destination (Sudbury) immediate flight.

Police investigated the incident. Canadian police have charged the driver of the fuel tanker charges of dangerous driving.

As previously reported, in Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo” was cancelled the flight Moscow-Riga. The plane was supposed to depart at 11 PM local time, but passengers brought out of the ship.

ЧП с пассажирским самолетом в столице: такого «полета» не ожидал никто

People started to panic. The reason for flight cancellation is a distinct smell of burning wiring in the aircraft cabin. Because of this, passengers were evacuated and the plane was not allowed to fly.

ЧП с пассажирским самолетом в столице: такого «полета» не ожидал никто

Recall that on 5 may at the airport “Sheremetyevo” the plane landed SSJ-100 “Aeroflot”, on Board of which there were 72 passengers.

The airliner had to fly to Murmansk, but after some time returned to “Sheremetyevo”. Allegedly, the plane was hit by lightning, and he was technically faulty. Eventually the plane began to burn.

Killing 41 people, including the flight attendant.

We also wrote that a passenger plane crashed at the international airport. The tragedy occurred in Myanmar at the international airport in Yangon. There on the runway crashed aircraft of Biman Bangladesh airlines.

In the network appeared the pictures from the crash site. They can see that the crashed plane lying on the grass at the airport. In the crash he suffered serious injuries and literally collapsed on three parts.

Rather, he jumped from the runway. Currently it is unclear whether there was a state of emergency during takeoff or landing.

Reported four victims.

Recall, disclosed the fatal contact of the tragedy in Sheremetyevo and the Kerch massacre: more details and photos.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians: parts and frames PE.