The inauguration Zelensky: named the true reason for the “record of procrastination dates”

Инаугурация Зеленского: названа истинная причина "рекорда по оттяжке даты"

May 13, at the conciliatory Council of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has surfaced the issue of inauguration of newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky

Characteristically, the speaker Andriy Parubiy mentioned it only at the end of his speech. But first and foremost they will consider the question of signing of the language law, then the fuel and energy complex, the local government, on Thursday will address issues of reform of Parliament. And about when they allow the President Zelensky sworn, said only at the end, reports Informant.

Инаугурация Зеленского: названа истинная причина "рекорда по оттяжке даты"

Vladimir Zelensky insists on may 19.

Political analyst Denis Gaevsky believes that everything goes to the fact that the date of the inauguration will still be on may 19. At the meeting of the conciliatory Council, we can say that all factions except the popular front, whether directly or indirectly agreed to this date. There is a certain obscurity to the BPP, but it a very heterogeneous structure, there is a group of Euro-optimists, Klitschko, Groisman. And surely part of this faction will vote for may 19.

The popular front refers to the fact that may 19 is the day of memory of victims of political repression, and insists on the postponement of the inauguration the next day. Likely to offer may 20.

Инаугурация Зеленского: названа истинная причина "рекорда по оттяжке даты"

“Already installed “record” of procrastination, the date of the inauguration after the day of official announcement of selection of the CEC. Although I do not exclude that Parubiy will sabotage the appointment by the deputies, because he has repeatedly shown his loyalty to Petro Poroshenko. Although among the bulk of the MPs there is a consensus that allow Vladimir Zelensky to the oath of the President should be 19 or 20 of may and not later”, — expressed his opinion Dennis Gajewski.

Political analyst Dmitry Korniychuk believes that in fact video message Zelensky is not done just so, and after reached certain agreements, the inauguration on the 19th of may already, most likely, all agreed.

“Her date the maximum was delayed solely in order to deprive Zelensky possible dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, because it needs neither Zelensky nor deputies. The question is: for the time elapsed after the second round of the elections, Ukrainians are already beginning to realize what kind of behavior model chose Zelensky.

To many it became clear that after taking office Zelensky will continue to cooperate with the previous government and will find a compromise. People are beginning to understand the key: the hope that he can punish most “distinguished” persons of the previous government, was an advertising image”, — said Dmitry Korneychuk.

We will remind, named the main requirement of Ukrainians to Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, the Kremlin responded to the statement Zelensky.

Also Politeka wrote that disclosed the details of the first official visit Zelensky.